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   Chapter 382 Three For Supper

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What happened on July 7th was beyond belief. Every copy of Debbie's albums, a million all told, was sold out on the day of release. An aggressive promotional cycle including hourly Twitter and Instagram updates fueled a number of pre-orders. Most of the physical products, which contained limited edition posters, signed photos, and a DVD of the music video never made it to the shelves.

When Ruby told Debbie the news, she thought she was lying to make her feel better. "Come on! If all of my albums were really sold out in one go, I'll hold twenty concerts in a row to thank my fans," said Debbie.

Ruby handed her iPad over to Debbie. She could clearly see the sales figures on the AMOLED screen. Debbie's heart skipped a beat when she saw Ruby's serious expression. 'So she's telling the truth?' she wondered.

Debbie took the iPad from Ruby, and the screen was filled with small, closely-written figures. She scrolled the screen all the way to the end. It showed that a million albums had been sold out in a single day and the sales had reached $17 million.

"Know what, Deb? You're the most popular singer now!" Ruby was practically in tears; she was so excited. Debbie was number one among all the singers with the best album sales.

Debbie clenched her fists without uttering a single word. Her head was spinning because of the figures on the iPad. She had only one thought, 'That's a lot of money!' Of course it wasn't all going to her, because the company needed to be reimbursed for its efforts. The promotional cycle came to $500, 000 easily, and that wasn't chump change. But neither was how much Debbie would be getting.

Of course, when Debbie held a concert here before, she was already a popular recording artist.

Maybe she was both excited and exhausted. She slept for 32 hours straight, alone in her apartment, after being notified of the album sales. After that much sleep, she felt better. She hopped in the shower and went through her morning routine before heading to Curtis' house to take Piggy back to her own apartment, planning to spend the rest of the time with her.

At dusk, Debbie went downstairs, holding Piggy in one hand and Harley's leash in the other. She decided to go the garden of the apartments, and that was where she ran into Carlos.

Last time she saw him at the hospital, she had decided to

e raised his head and his eyes met hers.

He frowned at her red eyes. 'Why is she crying?'

Debbie immediately looked away when their eyes met. She wasn't ready for that yet. She opened the lid and put the noodles in the boiling water.

Twenty minutes later, she came out with a bowl of beef and noodles. She placed it on the dinner table and went back to the kitchen to fetch the wontons. "Time to eat, old man!"

Then she came to the kitchen to wash some fruits. Piggy looked at Carlos quizzically. "Why does Mom call you 'old man?'"

Carlos stroked her hair and answered, "Because I'm older than your mom."

'That is a good question. I'm not that much older than her, ' he thought, confused.

Shaking his thoughts away, he went to the bathroom to wash up. Then he held Piggy's hand and led her to the dining room. "Evelyn, don't you want any?"

Piggy shook her head. "Uncle Carlos, I'm full. Just eat! The wontons are yummy!"

There were two bowls on the table, one for beef and noodles and the other for wontons. Carlos found the layout rather strange. 'No veggies?'

Nevertheless, he picked up the chopsticks and began to eat the wontons.

The wontons were small dumplings, with a shell of thin dough, and minced fish inside. Piggy hated meat, but she would sometimes eat fish if Debbie insisted. The wontons were mainly for Piggy, so the girl at least got some kind of meat in her.

'I love this!' Carlos praised in his mind.

He polished off the wontons in just a few minutes and even slurped up all the soup. He wasn't full, though.

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