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   Chapter 381 I'll Shut You Out

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"I'll be straight with you," Xavier started, in answer to Carlos' question. "You have amnesia, so you don't remember how you used to spoil her. I'm just doing my job. It just so happens I'm also a friend of hers. Oh, and Piggy's godfather," he added, giving Carlos a mysterious smile.

Carlos couldn't think of a thing to say, as he took all that in.

Debbie sighed helplessly and wondered, 'Does everyone know Carlos? They act like friends. What a coincidence!

Yates, Xavier...Even Ivan told me last time that he liked Carlos.

Why didn't they tell me this before I came back here?'

Stephanie fixed her eyes on Debbie, lost in her own thoughts. 'I hate to admit it, but she's good. And she's assembled the best. Her uncle Curtis, the president of some college. Yates, the boss of a secret organization of A Country. Xavier, top lawyer in M country. Ivan, the CEO of Wen Group, son of some high-ranking official in Z Country. Not to mention she's Jared's best friend. He's the vice general manager of the Han Group and the CEO's son. Who else does she have on her side? And do they have even more power?'

After answering the phone call, Yates came back to the ward and waved his phone. "Hey guys, something came up. I have to go back. I'll be in the air in an hour. Xavier, take care of Debbie. If you need help, call me. Carlos, the only thing you need to do is get back with Debbie."

When she heard that, Stephanie fumed with rage. 'How ballsy! Right in front of me!'

Carlos' face darkened as he said coldly, "Frankie, see our guest out."

"Yes, Mr. Huo. Mr. Feng, this way, please." Frankie gestured for Yates to leave. Yates didn't mind at all, and left the ward after bidding goodbye to his friends. His bodyguards followed after him.

Debbie had been busy preparing songs for her new album. She had no time to wait for Megan to leave the operating room, and she didn't care about her either. "Xavier, let's go. I don't want to breathe the same air as a certain person," she said.

"A certain person?" Xavier flashed a cunning smile as he teased, "You mean Carlos?"

Debbie rolled her eyes and cursed inwardly, 'Come on! Don't say it out loud!'

Carlos was in a bad mood

bie at all.

Two months later, Debbie went to the offices of recording label with her new album.

Listening to the original tape, Ruby gave Debbie a thumbs-up. There were ten songs on the demo. Surprisingly, there were two cheerful songs.

The name of the album was "Lost and Found." Star Empire invested a lot in promoting her. There were billboards, magazine ads, TV spots, a release date announcement, full concept teasers including the date, teaser pics, and music video teasers. Not to mention the company was putting together a live showcase. A million albums were going to be released on July 7th.

The albums would be sold online and at each major bookstore.

A million! That number made Debbie rather nervous. Normally, two hundred thousand was an appropriate number. 'What if I can't sell that many?' she thought.

She was told that Carlos was behind the decision, so she sent him a text message saying, "Mr. Huo, please reconsider the number of albums. A million is a bit too much. After all, I only just signed with Star Empire." It wasn't that she didn't believe in herself, but the number was a bit scary.

She didn't have to wait too long for his reply. "I have confidence in the person I chose."

She wanted to reply to this message and tease him by saying, "Is that because of my talent or because you like me?"

But she didn't do it. She had exhausted herself preparing the new album over the past two months, and she needed a break.

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