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   Chapter 380 Explain Yourself

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Adriana grabbed Damon by the ear and dragged him out of the ward. Even when the door was shut behind them, everyone could hear him pleading as she led him along the hallway. "Honey, be gentle. I just happened to drop by... Pepper Nian, that vicious bitch! Why did she bring you here? Oh, my ear..."

Inside the ward, Debbie grinned. 'Good. That's one down.'

Then, she shifted her gaze to Blair. Making eye contact with Debbie, Blair got the hint and bashfully walked towards Wesley, who had been staring at her the whole time. She held his hand and asked, "Go shopping with me? You promised. It's been too long since I had a new outfit." She winked at Wesley as she said this, hoping that he wouldn't call her out in front of the others. That would be embarrassing.

Wesley detected a slightly flirty, bratty tone. That was a rare thing for her. He wondered when he had promised to go shopping with her. But then, he cast a cold glance at Debbie. The woman was smiling innocently. Realizing what was going on, he turned to Blair and said icily, "Megan isn't safe yet. We'll go later."

'Megan again! He always puts Megan first.' Pulling a long face, Blair glared at Megan. The sick girl had been silent the whole time—probably out of fear. She didn't feel safe with Debbie here. The next second, Blair loosened her grip on Wesley's arm and pursed her lips. "Fine, forget it. I'll go on my own."

And with that, she spun around to leave.

Wesley reached out his hand to grab hers but the angry woman danced away. He couldn't believe it. 'What the hell? Her moods change quick.'

Despite that thought, he quickly followed after her. When he walked past Debbie, he cast a warning glance at her.

With a smug smile, Debbie raised her eyebrows and looked towards Blair's receding figure, beckoning him to follow. She had quite a head start.

'And that's two down, ' Debbie thought, discreetly giving herself a thumbs-up. Now, it was time to deal with the big boss. Without saying a word or doing anything, the big boss was powerful enough to send shivers down her spine with just a look.

When no one said anything, Yates broke the silence. Hands in his pockets, he walked towards Carlos and said casually, "Hi Carlos, I went to your company but they said you weren't in. Surprise! You're here. Guess who I bumped into today? Debbie! So what's up?"

'Bumped into?

d probably have her locked up..." Megan went as white as the sheets she lay on. "If you decide press charges, that is," he added. Of course, what Megan had done wasn't really that serious. But she pissed Debbie off. And now, that was the wrong move.

'Three years?' It reminded Megan of what happened with the hit-and-run car accident three years ago.

Panic-stricken, she began to pant, her face drained of all color. In no time, her breathing became faster and faster.

"Mr. Huo, stop staring at me. Take care of Megan. She's going into shock. Call the nurse," Debbie reminded Carlos coolly.

That was when everyone else finally realized that Megan had difficulty breathing. Carlos hastily pressed the nurse-call button to summon help. "Megan, you okay?" he asked with concern.

Wincing in pain, Megan curled up in the bed and stuttered, "I... I don't want to... go to jail..."

The doctors came in and gave Megan some first-aid treatment, and got her oxygen. Then, they wheeled her to the emergency room.

After that, Carlos glared at Debbie, who was idly leaning against the wall. "You've gone too far this time."

"Too far? Like three years ago? You don't get a say in this, old man. I'm filing charges," Debbie insisted. It had been three years, but Megan hadn't changed at all. She still was queen of the malicious bitches. Debbie aimed to knock the crown from her head.

"Xavier, do you seriously condone her behavior?" Carlos looked at Xavier with his dark eyes. The lawyer seemed to have a magic to make people forget his existence when he didn't speak.

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