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   Chapter 379 Don't Stop The Medication

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"Carlos, help! Debbie's gone insane. She's pointing a knife to Megan..." Stephanie yelled on the phone, sounding terrified. Even though she was a decisive and composed businesswoman, she still lost her cool facing the sharp knife and looming danger. After all, she was just a woman who grew up comfortably.

Carlos shut his eyes tight. 'Debbie and Debbie again! What a great troublemaker she is!' he sulked. "I'm coming now."

No sooner had Stephanie ended the call than Debbie's phone rang. It was Carlos calling.

Debbie ignored it and shifted her eyes back to Megan. "Don't waste time. If you don't drink the raw eggs now, I'll move my hand. This is a new knife, and the blade is perfectly sharp for the job. Do you want to forever live with a deep scar strung around your beautiful neck like an ugly necklace?" she threatened coldly.

Beads of sweat broke out on Megan's brow, her eyes popping out in fright. She knew Debbie wasn't joking. With trembling hands, she grabbed the bowl and stammered, short of breath, "I...drink it..."

Noticing that Megan began to gasp for air, Debbie suddenly remembered her asthma. She loosened her grip and moved the knife a little away from her neck. "Be quick," she demanded.

Eyes closed in disgust, Megan held her breath and began to gulp the raw eggs.

The stench of raw eggs reaching her nostrils made her want to throw up. As soon as the first mouthful went into her mouth, down to the stomach, she bent over the trash can and retched.

But Debbie ordered coldly, "Don't you dare spit even a dot. Go on! Gulp it down, unless you want me to give you that permanent necklace!"

Stephanie silently took out her cellphone and opened the camera. She was planning to video record the ugly drama and send it to media outlets. That would be the perfect way to damage Debbie's reputation.

However, Debbie was alert to the slightest movements. With one quick move, she grabbed the leather sheath and flung it at Stephanie, aiming at her phone. The missile hit the bull's eye, catching Stephanie by surprise.

"Debbie Nian, you lunatic!" Stephanie screamed in terror as her phone dropped to the floor.

Casting Megan a sidelong glance, Debbie grinned with a sense of triumph. "Yeah. That's a good description of me. Next time, you should be careful to mess with a psycho."

'But I become crazy all because of you guys. You have no idea of what I've been through all these years!' she thought angrily, with no intention of backing down.

At that moment, she looked at the bowl, only to realize, to her chagrin, it wasn't empty yet. Running out of patience, she demanded, "Finish that damn eggs in the bowl, lady!"

Frightened, Megan quickly took a swig, tears streaming down her cheeks as she swallowed with great difficulty.

This whole time, Debbie's phone ha

Damon and Stephanie surrounded the bed, keeping her company.

Meanwhile, they all waited for Debbie, the troublemaker, thanks to whose antics they were once again in this foreboding place.

She had already answered Carlos' call earlier and promised to come.

Ten minutes later

They heard footsteps from the empty hallway, coming closer and closer. It didn't sound like there was just one person, but a few people coming.

And among the footsteps, there was the click-clack of high heels and the slightly softer sound of leather shoes. So there must be a few women and men coming.

'Who could they be?' Everybody in the ward was curious.

Soon enough, a bodyguard pushed open the door to the ward. Everybody turned their heads to the doorway, where a woman in white short rompers appeared. Around her slim waist, she had a shiny belt that perfectly complimented her fine, shapely body. On her feet, she sported a pair of creamy-white high heels.

Earlier at Megan's apartment, Debbie had spilled some raw eggs to her new dress when she cracked the shells. So she went back home for a change of clothes. Then before coming to the hospital, she called a few people to tag along.

In the supporters she had Yates, Xavier, Blair, Adriana, along with three bodyguards.

Fortunately, the VIP ward was large enough to hold even a larger group.

Even after Debbie and her supporters arrived, there was still room for more. Yet, despite the ample room, the air in the ward took on an odd, oppressive feel as the two groups confronted each other.

It was Damon who broke the silence. He trotted to Adriana and smiled falteringly. "Honey, why did you come with Debbie? Are you...visiting Megan too?"

Adriana smirked and pinched his ear. Ignoring the presence of other people, she scolded, "Damon, are you so free? Huh? Your son's starving already. Go back home now!"

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