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   Chapter 378 Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7295

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The apartment door flew open. Much to Debbie's surprise, she saw Megan and Stephanie standing in the doorway, both wearing dark expressions. She didn't expect to see Stephanie at Megan's apartment.

'So, how much did Stephanie hear?

That's okay. Now I can kill two birds with one stone. It'll save time, ' she thought cheerfully to herself.

"Don't listen to her, Aunt Stephanie. She's a liar. Uncle Carlos couldn't have..." Megan stopped abruptly, as she saw what Debbie was hiding under her scarf.

Debbie unwrapped it to reveal the love bites on her neck.

The singer wore a smug smile. Ignoring their shocked faces, she walked past them and made her way to the living room. She had the designer handbag in hand and was wearing her new dress, all bought with Carlos' money.

Before she put the handbag down on the end table, she made a show of brushing the dust off and blowing it.

"Why the hell are you here?" Megan asked as she fixed her eyes on the blue handbag. She knew the brand well. It was the latest style of an international designer brand.

Not just Megan, Stephanie also recognized the brand. After all, they were raised in the upper-class circles. Luxury brands were common in the worlds they were from.

The two women calculated the price of that bag in their heads. They guessed the price to be at least eight hundred thousand dollars.

Megan couldn't afford one on her own. Stephanie could afford it, but it would still hurt a lot to put up that kind of cash. In order to spend more time with Carlos, she had resigned some of her positions within the corporate structure. She had left some committees and board postings. Consequently, her annual income was about one third of what it was.

Therefore, she couldn't squander money like she used to. Even buying a designer handbag was a difficult expense.

"I came here to visit you, Megan. I wanted to catch up. I didn't expect to run into Miss Li as well," Debbie said as she discreetly scanned the apartment.

"Seems like you're just trying to use Carlos to one-up Megan. Am I right?" Stephanie asked calmly.

"Not really, but now that you mention it, it's more fun with you here," Debbi

a couple people, a guy and girl, fell to their knees and pleaded, "Please let us go. Megan paid us. Lan. She asked us to get some people to throw eggs at Debbie. She said she would pay each of us ten big ones. I just needed the money..."

Megan's face went pale all of a sudden. "Bullshit! That wasn't me. You trying to frame me? That's low even for you!"

"Frame you?" Debbie put her phone away. "You're the expert. You should know. I'm not asking for much. Just drink what's in this bowl, or..." Debbie looked at her with threatening eyes as she pulled out a knife from the other pocket and placed it on the table. "Or things get a little rough."

At this point, even Stephanie began to lose her composure when she saw the knife, her eyes full of fear. 'What the hell? Is she psycho?'

In a panic, she hurried back to the living room and took her phone from her handbag. She was going to call Carlos for help.

Debbie understood what Stephanie was going to do. "Go ahead. Call Carlos. He won't help you," she said firmly.

Stephanie glared at her. With nowhere else to turn, she called Carlos.

Debbie shook her head. She unsheathed the sharp knife and extended her arm. The knife point was now at Megan's throat. The drama queen shrieked in fear. Meanwhile, Carlos answered the phone, and the first thing he heard was Megan's shrieks.

A little taken aback, Carlos frowned and asked with concern, "What's going on?"

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