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   Chapter 377 Your Strategy

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"Okay. See you," Debbie said to Jared.

As soon as she opened the door to the room, a strong reek of alcohol reached her nostrils. She fanned her hands through the air, trying to keep the stench away from her nose and mouth.

After taking a few steps inside, she saw a man in white shirt lying lazily on the sofa, eyes shut.

She wasn't sure if he was fast asleep or not. He wasn't responding to the noise, though.

Debbie put aside her handbag and patted him cautiously, hoping to rouse him. "Hey, you awake? Let's go home now."

Hearing her voice, Carlos parted his eyelids slightly.

He sat up on the sofa, head down, and massaged his brows to relieve his headache.

Debbie didn't know what to do. She scratched her head, silently waiting for his response.

But after waiting for a while, he still didn't acknowledge her presence. He just kept his head down.

Left with no choice, Debbie squatted in front of him and moved his arms around. "Old man, are you okay? Come on, I'll drive you home and you can sleep it off." 'Why is he drinking like this?' she wondered.

That wasn't like him. He might come home a little buzzed, but not sloppy drunk.

As she was lost in thought, Carlos suddenly grabbed hold of her arms and pulled her into his.

Caught off-guard, Debbie banged her head against his burly chest. "Ouch! You're hurting me."

"Debbie Nian." His husky voice rang in her ears, melting her heart.

She exclaimed in her mind, 'Oh, God, why? Even his voice is hot! I'm addicted to it!'

She locked her arms around his neck and gave him a charming smile. "Yes, Mr. Handsome. I'm here."

Carlos held on to her and examined her face carefully. After a while, he spat, "Are you that desperate, to take advantage of me when I'm drunk?"

She had put on make-up, and even worn perfume. The tempting scent wafting from her body slowly turned him on. He began losing control.

"What?" Debbie was confused. She didn't say anything this time, nor did she move, even a little.

He suddenly tightened his grip. In a hoarse voice, he whispered, "You want sex? You're dressed for it."

Debbie was even more confused now. She looked at what she had on. She wore a black skirt that hugged her hips. It had a lace hem, and a slit along one side. But it wasn't short, nor was it revealing. It was just a common package hip skirt.

"I..." Just as she opened her mouth to try to explain, she felt his lips on hers.

After passionatel

hing to me. Why couldn't he stay until I woke up? What a jerk!'

With trembling legs, Debbie left the club. It was sunny and hot outside. She hailed a cab and went to Shining International Plaza to cash the check.

She wasn't a whore, but she could use the money.

An hour later, Frankie entered the general manager's office and reported to Carlos, "Mr. Huo, the check was cashed at one of the local banks at the Shining International Plaza."

"Hmm," Carlos simply nodded, a dash of sarcasm flashing in his eyes.

Indeed, Debbie did drive him crazy last night. He just couldn't help making love with her. As soon as he was done, he was ready to go again for another round. But James was right. She was after him for his money.

Frankie continued, "About eight hundred thousand was spent on a designer handbag, and the rest was spent on clothing."

Carlos sneered, "Very good. Now get back to work."

'She traded her body for a handbag and some clothes. What a vain woman!' he thought contemptuously.

After shopping at the plaza, Debbie hailed a cab and headed for a high-end neighborhood.

She easily arrived at an apartment and rang the doorbell.

In no time, a woman's voice came from the other side of the door, "Debbie! Why are you here?"

Carrying the designer handbag in her hand, Debbie casually leaned against the door and replied, "I miss you. Open the door."

"Aren't you afraid I'll call Uncle Carlos?"

Debbie tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled. "I'm not afraid. You know, we just did the nasty. What more can he do?"

There was a moment of silence from the other side of the door.

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