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   Chapter 376 Made My Life Hard

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 8044

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How did Debbie have access to James' hair? The woman she hired to have sex with James, of course. After she had strands of hair from both Carlos and James, she had the DNA tested.

So all the netizens that took James' side three years ago abandoned him. And Debbie was able to sway them to her side, thanks to the articles the media picked up.

Even though the articles and posts were being taken down, people still kept excoriating James online. The old man himself had an affair, but still had the arrogance to make it look like Debbie had done the same. He didn't deserve to be Carlos' father or the CEO of ZL Group. More and more voices called for bouncing him out of the company.

Much to everyone's surprise, Debbie had personally responded to one of the negative commenters on James. She wrote, "I don't condone his behavior, but I understand it. After all, my former mother-in-law has been sick for a while, so I get it..."

Debbie's comment brought more people to comment. "So his wife couldn't give him any loving, and he was horny..." they wrote.

Debbie made the comment to deliberately give context to all this. Now she would look like she was sticking up for her poor former father-in-law. Her revenge on James had just begun. So she didn't want him to go down in flames too quickly. She wanted to torture him bit by bit. There would be more scandals later that she would unveil.

Carlos had his ways of handling things. He was always able to get what he wanted in short order.

In less than thirty minutes, Frankie called him and reported, "Mr. Huo, we found out who sold the video to the media."


"Debbie Nian," Frankie answered.

That didn't surprise Carlos at all. He figured as much. He took a drag on his cigarette and said calmly, "Ask Debbie to come to my office."

"Yes, Mr. Huo."

Five minutes later, Frankie called again. "Mr. Huo... Miss Nian confirmed it was her. But she refused to meet you here. She said she was thrown out of your office last time and was humiliated. So...if you have anything to say to her... you can drop by her house. Any time."

Carlos sneered. 'She's got balls, I'll give her that.'

"Tell her, if I have to find her that way, we'll do more than just talk."

Frankie then called Debbie back, and passed on Carlos' warning, word for word.

Debbie wasn't scared. She told Frankie, "As I said, he's welcome here any time. I

She had only managed to compose four new songs. She still needed to compose five more to finish the album. But staring at a blank piece of paper had only dampened her mood and she couldn't think of a thing. It was killing her.

Sometimes she wondered if Carlos deliberately did it to stop her from pestering him.

"You're no fun. Your ex-husband got drunk, and Damon couldn't drive him home because he had something else to do. So he tapped me for the job. Carlos is drunk! There's no better chance than now. Sure you won't come?"

As Debbie had strained her brain, she couldn't take all that in. "What do you mean no better chance?"

Jared was disappointed by her ignorance of subtext. "A chance to sleep with him! Make him feel guilty afterward. And then you guys get married again. Get it?"

'Sleep with him?' Debbie sighed. 'I wish. But Carlos has an iron will. Last time, I got him into bed but we didn't knock boots, ' she thought gloomily.

When she didn't respond, Jared sighed and said, "Okay, forget it. I'll let Stephanie know. She'll know what to do."

"Hey, hey, wait! What? Okay, I'm coming! Wait for me!" Debbie finally figured it out. She stood up and rushed to the bathroom.

Jared heaved a sigh of relief. "Hurry up. Room 888 at Orchid Private Club."

"Okay, got it."

Then she took a quick shower, put on a bare amount make-up and wore perfume with a light fragrance before going out.

When she arrived at Room 888, she saw Jared impatiently waiting at the door. At the sight of her, he quickly urged, "He's in there. I should get going now. No need to thank me."

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