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   Chapter 375 Keep A Level Head

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James' scandal spread like wildfire on the Internet. He was soon the name on everyone's lips as the gossip surrounding him was juicy. The head office and branch companies of ZL Group were swamped with calls. Carlos' fans and many media outlets were to blame.

All those calls were to petition the board to remove James and reinstate Carlos as the rightful CEO.

Those who knew what was really going on criticized James for snatching Carlos' position while he was in a coma. Carlos had been back to work for some time, but James still held onto the reins of power.

The PR department of ZL Group was having a hell of a time protecting the company's good name. The video of James' affair was already all over the Internet. X-rated material was strictly prohibited on the Internet. Good thing, or the person behind it would have uploaded the whole video. And they wouldn't bother pixelating it, either.

By the time Carlos got wind of it, it had already been shared to several different media sites. It had been online a whole five minutes. The scandal was spreading.

Carlos knew this wasn't normal, and someone had to be behind it. And that person's purpose was obvious—to ruin James.

After glancing over the news, he ordered Frankie in a calm voice, "Tear those articles down. I want that scandal quashed. Give fair warning to those online gossip rags. Whoever posts this again will have their credentials yanked and be banned from the Internet."

"Yes, Mr. Huo. But there's another issue. The phone lines are jammed with callers demanding an explanation. They want one from Mr. James Huo," Frankie reported honestly.

Carlos thought about it for a bit. Then, he said, "I see. I'll take care of it. In the meantime, find out who's behind this."

"Yes, Mr. Huo!" Frankie nodded and left to carry out Carlos' orders.

At the CEO's office

Bang! A teacup was thrown against the wall. It shattered, the shards skittering across the floor.

"That bitch! It must be Debbie Nian! Damn you! The arrogance?! You dare set me up?" James snarled in a fit of rage. At this point, he finally understood the woman came on to him that night was a trap, and Debbie was the one behind it. And he walked righ

James deliberately shifted the key points to the loss of the company. He knew Carlos, and the handsome businessman wouldn't be so willing to help now that James had hurt his mother.

But he knew Carlos wouldn't sit by and watch if the company was threatened.

Carlos didn't respond but lit a cigarette. After taking a drag, he said flatly, "I see."

James wanted to remind Carlos not to be cheated by Debbie again. He sensed the cold man had no interest in any more words, so James had no choice but to leave the general manager's office. He didn't want to annoy Carlos any further at this crucial time.

Left alone in the office, Carlos took out his cellphone and focused on a news article.

He kept reading and re-reading the final sentence of the article. "Carlos has nothing to do with James' scandal. A DNA report reveals they are not blood relatives."

Carlos clutched his phone tightly in anger. He had never taken such a DNA test. It must be Debbie who had done this secretly.

Even though she told him James wasn't his biological father, Carlos had never thought of taking a DNA test to prove it.

She crossed the line. She set a trap for James and exposed the Huo family's secret.

'She keeps messing with my life. I need to give her a good talking to, ' he thought.

The truth was, it was indeed Debbie who had the DNA test done. They hugged and slept a night at her bedroom last time, so it wasn't difficult to get a few strands of his hair.

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