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   Chapter 374 James Huo Had An Affair

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"Oh yeah!" Debbie agreed promptly. She was desperately in need of cash these days. The more the better. So of course she was happy to have these advertising jobs. That way money could roll in faster. If she didn't work hard now, she wouldn't be able to raise her daughter, not to mention win Carlos back.

Ruby heaved a sigh of relief. She had been worried Debbie was so engrossed in pursuing her handsome ex that she even abandoned her career. "Okay, good. Then I'll call Mr. Wang back and tell him you're in," Ruby said.


At the general manager's office of ZL Group

Sitting in his chair, Carlos looked outside the window at the city skyline, deep in thought. He was holding his cellphone, open to the Weibo post from the official account of SG Law Offices. He had already seen all nine pictures they posted.

Shifting his gaze back to the office, he pulled out the drawer and took out the photos that James gave him. His father claimed these pics were evidence of Debbie's affair with another man three years ago. Carlos tapped each of the pictures on the post, and meticulously compared each of them with the photos in his hands. So Debbie wasn't lying to him. The photos of her sleeping in another man's arms were all doctored.

Even the interview with her supposed lover was fake news. He admitted someone bribed him to make up a story and frame Debbie.

And the man who left Y City with Debbie three years ago? Her bodyguard. The man already testified and produced his labor contract.

Not only that, Debbie had surveillance video to back up her story.

For example, if one rumor said that she secretly met and slept with another man, she'd have surveillance video with a time and date stamp to refute that rumor. And hard evidence was more convincing than any rumor. That was enough to quash all the rumors.

Why did the mastermind who framed her have pics of her sleeping? That was a question that had no answer. Debbie said honestly that she was still investigating it.

But what about the baby? And who engineered all this just to pry them apart? Debbie didn't give a clear answer yet. She was waiting for the opportune time.

The news article was a long one. It would take at least 20 to 30 minutes to go through it all and absorb the info.

At the end, there was also a link to a video. The video showed Debbie went to a temple and knelt in front of a statue of Buddha

ly, the man inside couldn't stand the noise anymore and opened the door. With a deadpan face, he glared at her.

Debbie grinned broadly. "Hi Mr. Handsome, I miss Millie and her puppies. Is Harley's family doing okay?"

She began trying to squeeze into his apartment.

Carlos pushed her outside. "No need to see them. They are doing quite well. Thank you very much."

As he pushed her out, Debbie took the chance to lock her arms around his. She didn't budge a little and confessed, "Okay, that was just an excuse. I really miss you!"

"How many men have you said that to?" Carlos scoffed. "Hayden? Ivan? Yates? Or Xavier?"

Expectation and excitement flashed in Debbie's eyes. "Jealous?"

Carlos sneered, "No. You disgust me!"

Debbie smiled embarrassedly. She jumped and pecked a kiss on his lips. "Bye, Mr. Handsome!"

Successfully stealing a kiss, Debbie quickly turned around and ran towards the elevator.

Carlos was still stunned by the sudden kiss.

Meanwhile, he felt his erection again, pushing against the fabric of his boxers. The woman must be a witch!

The news regarding Debbie finally died down, so did the uproar surrounding them, but soon enough, there was another scandal everyone was talking about. James, the present CEO of ZL Group, was having an affair.

With ZL Group involved, the news soon went viral. It popped in many users' news-feeds as it was shared again and again.

Of course, it was Debbie who was behind the story. She paid a lot of money to make sure this was the top trending topic. And she also paid for some gossip rags to spread the scandal.

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