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   Chapter 373 I Grew Up

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'She's good. I'll give her that. Men will do anything for her. She talked about proof, ' Carlos thought. 'I wonder what that's going to look like.

If she can prove she didn't cheat on me... well, that would be good.'

When Debbie was back home, she took a bath first, rinsing all the liquefied egg yolk from her body and hair. Then she scrubbed the rest for good measure. Afterwards, she poured herself a glass of wine and came out to the balcony. Resting her arms on the rail, she let the breeze caress her long hair. The hem of her silk robe rippled in the wind. The moon hung above her high in the sky, so bright, as if it were keeping her company. The night was so peaceful and beautiful. But her mind was not. She dialed a number and said, "Release the proof tomorrow. When it's time, upload the video about James' affair."

Debbie gulped down the wine and decided it was time for bed. There was a fierce battle to be won. She'd need her rest.

Before she hit the hay, she called Curtis. "Hi Uncle, thanks for taking care of Piggy. I couldn't take her with me. If James found her... I miss her."

Piggy was her life. Even more important than her life. The little girl was all she had, the only thing of Carlos. It kept her going. If anything happened to her, she would have nothing to live for.

"Don't worry about it. Do what you gotta do. Just be careful. Piggy will be waiting here for you when you're done." Curtis put down the newspaper, rolled off the bed, and went to the kids' room to check on them.

"I can take care of myself. I've been preparing for this for the past three years. I practice tae kwon do every day," Debbie assured him. She was always cautious. If she couldn't even protect herself and get stronger, how could she get revenge?

"The concert went well. Sold out tickets, happy fans. I hear that Carlos has asked Frankie to negotiate with Wen Group about your contract. If ZL Group signs you, you've got it made."

Debbie smiled. "Signing with ZL Group was the goal."

In fact... she specifical

The post consisted of only one word—proof, along with nine pictures.

Yet it had been powerful enough to shake the Internet. Debbie was impressed by Xavier's savvy.

Some people who used to hate Debbie had become her fans. "Holy shit! She was framed! So that's what happened."

"So apparently someone had it in for her."

"Didn't see this coming. All right, you win."

Debbie read on to find that the next several comments all said "All right. "

Before she could finish reading the comments, her phone rang. It was Ivan.

"Ivan, what's up?"

"Frankie approached me. Star Empire wants to sign you."

"Oh," Debbie said. It didn't surprise her.

"I said yes," Ivan told her.

"Oh, thanks. That's what I wanted," she said readily.

However, Ivan wasn't ready to let her go yet. "I've been worried about you. You don't seem happy. But once you're back, remember you promised me to help me. I'll need that favor soon."

His mom had been pushing him to get married. It drove him crazy.

"Sure. I remember." Ivan had been a great friend to Debbie. She was grateful for it and was glad that she could do something for him. All he needed to do was ask.

After Ivan hung up the phone, Ruby asked Debbie, "Debbie, we've got some advertisers wanting you. You in?" I've picked some out for you. The pay is several times higher than before."

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