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   Chapter 372 Get Out Of The City

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The reporters could only post articles about the couple online. None of them were bold enough to actually interview Carlos. They were like jackals, feeding on the carrion of old rumors, too weak to move on to fresh prey.

However, they were not afraid of Debbie.

As soon as the concert ended, they besieged her. She was the logical choice.

Carlos was too menacing, Wesley was unapproachable, Yates was too cruel, Curtis had left. Debbie was all they had.

And these reporters were vicious. They surrounded Debbie and were fixated on things that happened three years ago. They simply didn't care if they were rubbing salt in the wound.

"Debbie Nian, didn't you leave Y City?"

"Bitch! You cheated on Mr. Huo. Get the fuck out!"

They cursed and insulted her ruthlessly. Not only that, but also some people started throwing raw eggs at her.

All of a sudden, eggs flew at Debbie in all directions and smashed all around her. Some of them actually hit her, bruising her skin, ruining her dress, hair, and makeup.

"Ah!" she screamed, her arms up trying to shield herself from the white missiles.

The crowd panicked. Things spun out of control. Ivan, who was behind Debbie, shouted, "Security! Protect Miss Nian!"

With that, he took off his suit jacket, wrapped it around Debbie, and pulled her into his arms.

Many people saw this, and started talking.

"Is Mr. Wen just her boss?" someone said.

"I've been a reporter for decades. This is the first time I've seen the boss show up at a singer's concert," another replied.

Thus, new rumors about Debbie and Ivan began floating around the venue, and soon they were spread around the city.

Debbie took a deep breath to calm herself down. She took off Ivan's jacket a

d quieted down. She slumped in her seat, much relieved.

Ruby and an assistant took out some tissues and wet napkins to wipe the mess from the eggs from Debbie's hair and clothes.

"I don't think those eggers were fans," Ivan said with a worried frown as he watched.

Xavier agreed. "According to my observations, the ones throwing eggs at Debbie were men and women around 40. Their mode of dress told me they weren't there for the concert, which meant someone arranged this."

Ivan asked Debbie thoughtfully, "Any suspects? Give me a name and I'll put some men on it."

Debbie smiled bitterly and answered wearily, "Thanks to Carlos, almost the whole city hates me. It'll be awhile."

Before she met Carlos, her life had been peaceful, ordinary.

Ever since she got together with him, she'd lost the count of the death threats and people who tried to humiliate her.

Throwing eggs was pretty lame. This wasn't James' style. It had to be Megan!

Huh, what a sweet niece!

In the back seat of the Rolls-Royce, Carlos watched the live broadcast on the car TV. When he saw how Ivan and Xavier protected her, a sarcastic sneer crept over his face.

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