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   Chapter 367 Give Me Back My Daughter

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 6264

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'Hayden was involved in Debbie Nian's scandal, ' Carlos thought. His mood darkened, dampening the joy he felt at seeing Evelyn.

Hayden was taken aback by Carlos' question. But soon he regained his composure and replied with a smile, "Yes, Evelyn's my daughter. Debbie's her mom."

Hayden studied Carlos' face when he said that.

There was no mistake that Carlos' cold expression darkened even further when he learned Debbie was Piggy's mother.

Carlos compared Evelyn's adorable face to Debbie's and found that they did look alike. 'Piggy is really Debbie's daughter! Debbie and Hayden Gu's daughter!' Thinking of this, Carlos said sarcastically, "Mr. Gu, you're married. How could you have a kid with someone else? The child is illegitimate. Don't you feel bad about that?"

Hayden, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind his sarcasm. "I'll give Debbie anything she wants."

'So, was it Debbie's idea not to get married? Why wouldn't she marry Hayden? Is she really after my money and trying to get back together with me, just like Dad said?'

A trace of disgust flitted through his gaze at the thought.

'What a bitch! She chases after money at the expense of her kid's happiness.'

Hayden perceived the disdainful look in Carlos' eyes. After a while, he said, "But I was wrong, too. I was still married when I slept with Debbie. I'm glad she kept the kid, though. She's an awesome woman. I can't marry her, but she still wants another baby with me."

Debbie told Hayden she wanted another child, that much was true. But it wasn't like he made it sound. She actually said she needed to have another kid with Carlos to win him back.

Carlos didn't respond to Hayden's remarks. He looked at Piggy. A minute later, the little one ran back excitedly with a Chinese fried pumpkin cake in her hand. She reached out her arms to Carlos and said, "Here, Uncle Car

e's not yours. She stayed in my womb for nine months. She is my flesh and blood," Debbie retorted. The only thought running through her mind was that Carlos forgot about her, left her and now he was taking her daughter away from her. She had to get Piggy back.

Carlos, however, was angry enough to strangle her when he heard her repeatedly say Piggy had nothing to do with him and her father was someone else. Even though they weren't together, there was still a possessive streak.

Somehow, Debbie and Carlos ended up in a fight.

Debbie aimed a foot at Carlos and he spun to keep Evelyn from getting hurt. Then he shifted his balance to avoid a fist, and narrowly dodged a joint lock she was trying to maneuver him into.The whole time he had Piggy in his arms.

"Let's stop, now, okay? Before she gets hurt," Carlos said flatly.

As things escalated, a crowd began to surround them. Later, the security guards dispersed the onlookers under the manager's orders.

That was when Debbie noticed Piggy had her arms around Carlos' neck. She didn't seem to be held against her will at all. So Debbie started to calm down. "I'm sorry, Mr. Huo. I was too worried. Please give back my daughter," she said, trying to be as nice as she could.

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