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   Chapter 366 Is Evelyn Your Daughter, Mr. Gu

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Debbie interrupted Hayden. "Hayden, I know what you mean, but I can't." 'I love Carlos. I know he's dead, but I can't fall in love with anyone else, ' she thought to herself.

Actually, Hayden had already steeled himself for this. Every time he tried to get back with Debbie, she would turn him down. After so many times, you just expect it. But you can't blame a guy for trying, right?

For the last few years, Hayden had traveled to and fro between his home city and this country, and Piggy had grown up calling him "Daddy Hayden."

Of course, he hadn't told anyone about Debbie and Piggy. That was her secret to reveal, if she chose to. After all, he was Debbie's ex-boyfriend, and if anyone found out, the rumors would start up again. And the last thing he wanted to do was ruin her reputation.

The next day, Debbie swung by Curtis' house.

She picked up Piggy and then drove to the Alioth Building.

She had asked Hayden whether he could book another restaurant instead. After all, the Shining International Plaza was owned by the ZL Group. But Hayden told her that he planned to buy some things for Piggy in the Shining International Plaza after lunch. So she didn't turn him down out of hand. Hayden was a good guy, and it was not like Debbie was made out of money.

As usual, Debbie wore sunglasses and a hat for her disguise.

At the underground car park, she got out of the car, scooped a sleepy Piggy up in her arms, and entered the elevator.

When she entered the private booth, Hayden was already there, waiting for them. And so were various cold dishes. The smell made her quite hungry.

Upon seeing mother and daughter, Hayden put the documents in his hands aside, stood up and took Piggy from her arms so that Debbie could get situated. "You miss me, Evelyn?"

Hayden believed that the nickname "Piggy" didn't suit the aloof girl at all, so he insisted on calling her "Evelyn" whenever he saw her.

When she saw Hayden, Piggy's eyes snapped open and she gave him a broad smile. "Daddy Hayden! It's been forever!"

Hayden was pretty amazed at Piggy's words. He looked at the little girl and said, "Wow, Evelyn. You're smart! You remember how long it'

you hungry?" Carlos asked patiently.

"I'm full. Daddy fed me. I also had milk. Not hungry."

Carlos stroked her hair and coaxed, "How about I take you to your daddy and mommy? They must be scared, not knowing where you are."

Just then, they could hear voices outside the room. Carlos heard the waiter say, "Mr. Gu, this is Mr. Huo's private booth. You can't just barge in like this."

Carlos picked Piggy up and opened the door to the bedroom. Hayden was standing right outside, anxiety written on his handsome features.

When he saw Piggy, he heaved a sigh of relief. He said helplessly, "Evelyn, you scared me half to death!"

When he finally hung up, he looked around for Piggy. She was nowhere to be found. His heart started racing and he bolted from one area to the next, looking for her everywhere. Finally, a waiter got his attention, and told him that Piggy had entered this room.

Piggy blinked and said, "I met Uncle Carlos. Daddy Hayden, don't worry. Uncle Carlos is nice."

Hayden looked at Carlos with mixed feelings. He was not sure whether Carlos knew she was his daughter.

They were both famous businessmen in the city they shared, so he offered his hand for Carlos to shake. "Mr. Huo! Good to see you! You know Evelyn?" he asked curiously.

"Mmm hmm," Carlos simply answered and set her gently on the floor. 'So Hayden is Piggy's dad? Or...?' Staring at her tiny figure, he asked, "Is Evelyn your daughter, Mr. Gu?"

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