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   Chapter 365 Grandma, Your Grandson Is Here

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7824

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Without answering Debbie's question, Sasha put the fruits on the table. Shen then picked up a durian and went to the kitchen to peel it.

"Did Jared piss you off?" Debbie asked. And she was right.

After a short pause, Sasha answered, "Not really. I broke up with him. And I asked him to get the hell out of here."

"What? You two broke up? What happened? Tell me. I'll teach that bastard a lesson!" Stretching herself as if she was ready for a fist fight with Jared, she added, "Where's that jerk?"

At least, her coming here helped relieve Sasha, who said with a giggle, "Deb, let's eat the durian and not talk about him." Thanks to Debbie making light of the situation, she somehow began to have a hunch that Jared would eventually come back to her.

At the right time, Debbie planned to ask Sasha more about her relationship with Jared. But for the moment, she was careful not to press, since Sasha had just jetted back to town, obviously tired. Also, Debbie suspected she might not get a sober explanation, if they had sharply disagreed only a few minutes back. To change the subject, she began to peel the durian and said, "I picked the biggest durian in the supermarket. I hope it's sweet as well. Oh poor Jared! He could've enjoyed the delicious durian with us if he hadn't had a row with you."

Sasha nodded and pointed to the durian as if pointing at Jared. "We'll eat it up. Don't leave any for him." Somehow, she was suddenly struck with a deep sense of loss. 'What if he never comes back?'

At the thought of it, she pouted, her eyes turning teary again.

In order not to let Debbie worry about her, she could only bear the pain in her heart.

"Sasha, tell me the truth. What exactly happened between you and him?" asked Debbie, who had stopped peeling the durian when she noticed a fresh hint of tension in Sasha's eyes once more.

Touched by the show of concern from Debbie, Sasha couldn't hold back her tears anymore. In between sobs, she asked, "Deb, what should I do if he doesn't come back to me?"

"I will call him, right away," said Debbie, pulling out her phone from the purse.

"Don't, Deb. He must be in a fit of rage now."

"How long has he been gone?" Debbie asked.

Sasha wiped her tears and said in a hoarse voice, "About an hour."

"I—" Debbie wanted to say something.

Right at that m

a married man.

Knowing what was on her mind, Hayden coaxed her, "You are thinking too much. That's it then. I'll send you the location later. Bring Piggy along, please."

"All right." She couldn't turn him down.

Three years ago when she just arrived in Z Country, she had no money or job. It was her most difficult time.

During that time, Hayden had helped her out. He had found a house for her and offered her a job.

She wanted to reject the offer, but she was pregnant then and she needed a house and a job to raise her baby. So she accepted his kind offer.

Thanks to Hayden, she managed to make a living in Z Country. However, after giving birth to Piggy, she quit her job without telling him. Then she approached many recording labels with her songs. It was then she met Ivan and Irene. Ivan hired her and made her a popular singer.

One day, before Hayden left Z Country, he had asked her a bold question. "Now that you are single, can we—"

"No!" She had turned him down without hesitation. She thanked him a lot, but that had nothing to do with love.

Without another word, Hayden had simply smiled and left.

It was after she gave birth to Piggy that they met again. Hayden then knew that she hadn't aborted the baby, whose paternity had been the source of malicious rumors, which Hayden had feared would ruin Debbie.

"His kid?" he asked.

"Hmm," she simply answered.

She knew he was referring to Carlos.

With the sleeping Piggy in his arms, he told Debbie, "I'm willing to treat her as my own child, Deb. Will you—"

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