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   Chapter 364 I Won't Spoil You Anymore

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7410

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"Debbie Nian, what do you mean?" At that moment, a man's stern voice came from outside the office.

Then, James appeared and entered.

Pointing at Debbie, he gloated, "You can do whatever you want, Miss Nian, but get this from me. Stephanie will be my daughter-in-law, and there are no two ways about it. Three years ago, Carlos had spent his whole fortune on you. Yet you left him while he was in a coma. Now that he is recovered, you can't wait to get back together with him. I know what you are after. Just admit it."

He was implying that Debbie was after Carlos' money.

Taking advantage of James' support, Stephanie looked at Debbie and exclaimed, "Miss Nian, how shameless you are! How about this? Since you are Carlos' ex-wife, I'll give you five million dollars. Just leave with the money and never come back to pester him, will you?"

'Five million?' Debbie snorted, "Wow, you are indeed a generous woman, Miss Li."

Stephanie didn't get the mockery in her tone and flashed a proud smile. She even believed that she and Carlos were made for each other as their families were of equal social rank.

However, what Debbie said next made her smile freeze. "But if Carlos comes back to me, I'll have countless five million dollars. Do you think I'll give a damn about a mere five million?"

Stephanie, James and Carlos were dumbstruck.

"How about this? Since you think that money is all there is to relationships, I also have an idea. I'll give you fifty million dollars, on condition that you quit this fight, leave Carlos alone and move on," Debbie offered with a scornful smile.

Stephanie's face changed. She suppressed her anger and snapped back, "Do you think Carlos is up for auction to the highest bidder?"

"That's exactly what I should ask you. Miss Li, is Carlos an item? You want to pay me five million to ask me to leave him. What do you take him for? A commodity on sale? A rent boy?" Debbie asked, without the slightest fear that her words would offend him.

"Debbie Nian!" Carlos shouted, his face sullen.

James' face twisted as well. He pointed at Frankie and scolded, "Why did you allow this woman in here?" Then he pulled out his phone and called the security. "Bitch, I

floor, Sasha covered her face with both hands and broke into tears, weeping uncontrollably. 'Is he really breaking up with me?'

Panic gripped her heart.

She didn't know how long she had been crying when the doorbell suddenly rang.

"Who is this?" she asked while wiping off her tears.

"Sasha, it's me, Debbie." Debbie's voice came from outside the door.

Earlier on, she had seen Sasha's post in WeChat Moments. "I can finally go back home today!" read part of the post, in which Jared was mentioned.

Sasha immediately sprang to her feet, but she staggered as her legs were numb. She opened the door, and forced a smile.

"Hi Deb!" she greeted, putting in an effort to sound cheerful.

Debbie bent over to pick up the plastic bags on the floor, which contained different kinds of fruits. "Hi Sasha. Am I interrupting your romantic moment?" She hadn't planned to visit Sasha at the beginning. But Curtis and Colleen had taken Piggy and Justus out. To kill the boredom, especially after her drama-filled day at the ZL Group offices, she came to visit Sasha.

Sasha shook her head and took over the fruits. "Not at all. I'm glad to have you here." However, her voice was a bit different, which caught Debbie's attention.

She took a closer look and then noticed that Sasha's eyes were red and puffy.

Debbie closed the door and asked with concern, "Why did you cry? What happened? Where's Jared?" She looked around, but Jared was nowhere to be found.

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