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   Chapter 360 Let's Put On Weight Together

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Since Carlos had warned Debbie to not serve him, she extended her full focus to the delicious food on their table. Instead, he served her the different dishes from time to time.

His smallest gestures brought tears to her eyes. She sniffed when she saw the bowl of soup that he had placed in front of her.

'Even though he has lost his memory, he still takes care of me so well, ' she thought, her chest welling up with happiness.

'It looks like all my efforts are paying off. Does this mean he will come back to me soon?'

"Are you crying?" Carlos' voice snapped Debbie out of her trail of thoughts.

She quickly picked up a tissue and wiped her tears. With a sweet smile, she denied, "No, no! I..." It was so obvious that she was crying. So, there was no point in lying. She nodded and said, "Well, these dishes are just so delicious. I want to come here again. Will you come with me next time?"

"You are crying because the dishes are delicious?" he asked, knowing that she was lying through her teeth.

Debbie nodded again.

Carlos put down the spoon in his hand and said, "Debbie Nian."


"Do I look like an idiot to you?" he asked, staring into her tear-filled eyes. Her answer was an insult to his IQ.

Her eyes brimming with tears, Debbie forced a smile to hide her true feelings. She tried to make an excuse which he would believe. "I...I'm just too happy. You are the famous Carlos Huo. It's every woman's dream to have a dinner date and spend some time with you. But you are here, with me. I'm just excited."

Carlos snorted and picked up a clean tissue to wipe her tears. "Yeah, that sounds legit," he mocked.

His gestures were so gentle that tears started streaming down her cheeks. "Believe me! I wouldn't lie to you," she said.

Staring at the wet tissue in his hand, Carlos sighed. 'Why is she crying even harder now?'

"Stop crying! Otherwise..."

Under his threat, Debbie finally managed to stop the tears.

She thought of something funny and then said with a smile, "Old man, do you know why you fell in love with me back then?" Carlos shook his head with a smile, encouraging her to continue. She said with a wink, "It's because I'm so damn pretty!"

She laughed and that ligh

in co-operation with us. Gentlemen, let's discuss what we are going to..."

Two hours later, after the meeting was over, Carlos and James entered the elevator together. James cast a quick glance at the expressionless Carlos and asked casually, "Carlos, you didn't come to the company this afternoon. What were you doing?"

Carlos' eyebrows shot up at being questioned. "I was not feeling very well. I was working from home." He made an excuse.

James' face was immediately filled with fake concern. "You were not well? Are you overworking yourself? How about taking a vacation?"

"No thanks, Dad."

"Okay. Did you see a doctor? Are you feeling better now?" If anyone saw this scene, they would believe that James was such a caring father.

They walked out of the elevator, followed by Frankie and James' assistant.

Carlos loosened his tie and shook his head. "Don't worry about me, Dad. I'm fine."

"All right. You are fine, that's all that matters. By the way, when are you planning to get engaged to Stephanie?" James asked in a feigned casual tone.

Carlos came to a halt, and James stopped beside him.

"Dad, I'm not getting engaged to her," Carlos said, his tone very serious.

James' expression changed dramatically. He looked around, making sure no one other than their assistants was around, and then asked in a low voice, "What do you mean by that? Why the sudden change of mind? Not too long ago, you told her father that you would get engaged to her soon."

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