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   Chapter 359 Ten Dishes For Two People

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Carlos' hand hovered over his laptop keyboard. He shifted his gaze to Debbie. Again, the expectant look in her eyes made him unable to refuse her. He nodded.

Debbie's heart was filled with joy. The small smile on her lips spread across her face. She knew that she had been right all along. Carlos would surely come back to her!

She was too excited to continue working on her song, so she stopped writing the lyrics and began browsing some posts on Weibo. When she raised her head to peek at Carlos again, she was surprised to see that his glass of fruit tea was already empty. He even ate all the fruits in it.

Her heart fluttered. She was pretty sure that he had drunk it for her sake.

Around six o'clock in the evening, Carlos was about to wrap up his work for the day. Just before finishing his work, he asked Debbie to get his car out of the parking lot and wait for him downstairs.

A few moments later, Carlos left Champs Bay Apartments. He saw Debbie waiting outside in his car. He smiled and walked towards it. When he got into the car, Debbie suggested, "How about we have dinner at Colleen's restaurant? After dinner, we can walk around the commercial street nearby." Carlos raised his brow. There was clearly nothing for him to do. She had already planned out everything for the night.

He nodded helplessly and said, "Whatever you say." Debbie grinned at his reaction.

Curtis and Colleen were not at the restaurant that night. So, when the manager saw Carlos, he immediately ushered them to one of the VIP rooms and called Colleen immediately to tell her of his arrival.

Colleen told the manager, "Make sure you take good care of him and serve the best food. Free of charge." After a pause, she inquired, "Is he alone?"

"No, he is here with a lady."

'A lady? Is it Debbie or Stephanie?' Colleen wondered curiously. "What does the lady look like? Does she have big eyes? Is she good-looking?"

The manager thought for a few seconds and said uncertainly, "The lady was wearing a mask and a cap, so I couldn't see her face clearly. But I heard Mr. Huo call her by the name Debbie..."

'Wow, so that is Debbie. Stephanie doesn't need to wear a mask and a cap to go out!' she thought excitedly. Sparing a glance at Piggy and Jus, who were playing in front of her, Colleen instructed the manager, "That lady is way more distinguished than Carlos. Remember, all of her meals at our restaurant are free of charge."

'She's more distinguished than Mr. Huo?' The manager was taken aback. 'Who is this Debbie? Is the boss kidding?' But he kept his doubts to himself and said, "Yes, we'l

serve you."

Her unexpected humble reaction made Carlos uncomfortable. He took her hand and made her look at him.

"What now?" Debbie asked, confused. She had already stopped serving him.

Carlos raised her chin with his other hand. He drew closer to her and said in a husky voice, "Just be yourself in front of me. No need to be cautious. No need to fawn over me. Understand?" He felt his heart ache when he saw her act so humbly in front of him. It wasn't like her usual self at all.

Debbie was shocked by his words. She stammered, "I... I don't..." She gazed into his dark eyes and saw the sincerity in them. She felt so nostalgic. After taking a deep breath, she smiled and found her voice. "It doesn't matter, Carlos. You have been so much nicer to me than I am being to you now. Seriously, what I'm doing now is incomparable to what you have done for me..."

Besides, it was she who had failed to keep their marriage alive. She was too stupid, too weak. She felt guilty for not holding onto him tightly.

Now, God had given her a second chance. Carlos was alive. As long as she could make him come back to her, she was willing to do anything for him. Even if she had to be humble and lose her pride, she didn't care.

As she was lost in her thought, she felt his arm wrap around her waist and pull her closer to him. And just like that, his lips were on hers, devouring her again. It was not a soft kiss; he was hungry. For her. She couldn't think. Her thoughts were jumbled and blown away by the heat from his lips.

He didn't stop until a waiter knocked at the door.

Gasping for air, they broke apart. In a fluster, Debbie tidied her clothes and bowed her head down to eat the food, her heart pounding in her chest.

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