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   Chapter 358 Let's Go On A Date

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"Yes. Please hold on." Stephanie walked into the elevator, phone in hand. When she was finally alone, she continued in a hushed tone, "Hire someone to follow Carlos. Find out if there is any suspicious woman hanging around him."

"But..." The person on the other end of the line hesitated when she brought up Carlos' name.

Stephanie sneered, "Money is not a problem. Just do it. I'll bear any and all consequences."

"All right then," the person said, grudgingly accepting the task.

"Keep it under wraps."

"Got it."

The elevator doors opened just as she ended the call. She returned to her office and noticed a document on her desk.

She put aside the office files in her hand and opened that document. The name "Debbie Nian" written in the file caught her attention.

According to the information on it, Debbie was Carlos' ex-wife. She had signed the divorce agreement three years ago just after Carlos' car accident. Soon after that, she had left Y City and started her career in Z Country. With Hayden Gu's and Ivan Wen's help, she debuted as a singer and soon made a name for herself in Z Country.

After reading through Debbie's information, Stephanie smirked. 'So, that was how she cheated on Carlos, ' she thought. She had heard that Carlos had treated his ex-wife very well. But she had been such an ungrateful and shameless woman.

Then a name in the file caught her attention. 'Hayden Gu? Isn't he married to the Qin family's daughter? Why would he help Debbie Nian boost her popularity in Z Country?' she wondered.

She asked her assistant to get further information about Hayden Gu and Debbie Nian, and discovered that he was her ex-boyfriend.

Everyone in Y City seemingly knew about their relationship.

'Hayden and Debbie, Debbie and Carlos... Looks like there is an interesting story here, ' Stephanie mused.

In Champs Bay Apartments

Debbie was trying to compose her lyrics for her next song. She bent over a piece of paper in her study, while Carlos was sitting next to her, working on his company files. Dozens of crumpled papers were scattered all over the floor. Debbie let out an exasperated sigh. "Aargh! I can't come up with any good lines with this handsome man sitting next to me!"

Ruby had already warned her many times. If she didn't release a new album as soon as possible, her fans would likely be mad. But her attention was solely on the man by her side. She couldn't devote herself to composing songs full-time.

cared about her image in front of him. She acted naturally and was always her genuine self. He wondered if that was the reason why he had loved her so dearly before he had lost his memory.

"You don't like it?" Debbie noticed that he had only taken a single sip. She was a little disheartened.

Carlos shook his head. "I just don't like too much sugar."

His words reminded her that Carlos never liked sweet foods. How could she have forgotten such an important detail about him? She cursed herself in her mind. 'I shouldn't have added the honey, ' she thought with a glum look on her face.

Seeing the sadness in her eyes, he added, "But it's good."

Debbie waved at him. She took a sip and said, "Don't try to comfort me. I know. My bad. I forgot that you don't like sweet foods." She walked towards him and reached for his glass.

Realizing that she was trying to take it away, Carlos grabbed her hand. "No."

His big hand gently wrapped around her small hand. She felt warmth fill her heart from his single touch. She blushed and said in a low voice, "I will get you some water."

He squeezed her soft hand lightly. "No, I'll drink this."

Ignoring his tightening grip on her hand, she asked hesitantly, "But, you... Do you really want to drink it?" She didn't want him to torture himself for her sake.

"Yes." He nodded simply. Although he didn't like sugary foods, this was just a glass of fruit tea. He could drink it up.

With a smile, Debbie went back to her chair. She propped her chin in her hands and watched the man get back to his work again. An idea popped up in her head. "Mr. Handsome, let's go on a date tonight."

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