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   Chapter 357 The Car Accident Three Years Ago

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 13177

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Just as Debbie was having quite a hard time fighting it out with the bodyguards, a flash of blinding light obscured her vision for a moment. Within seconds after that, she saw the car and realized that it was actually James' limo trying to run her over. As she was staring straight into the headlights, she made out the sound of the car's screeching tires. She turned rigid. In that instant, she suddenly recalled something that happened three years ago—the car accident. At that point, a terrible idea spontaneously popped up in her mind, regarding the possible cause of that accident. 'Could it be possible...'

It sent shivers down her spine, but she couldn't afford to think about it given the position that she had been in. Acting on instinct as a response to the imminent danger, Debbie quickly pressed her hand hard against the hood of the car just as it was about to hit her, and hastily sprung up, landing on top of the hood. James stepped hard on the gas after seeing her dodge. The car then began to accelerate, leaving her without a choice but to hold on for dear life over to the edges of the car. She gripped it as hard as she could, struggling to make sure she wouldn't roll off of it.

The vehicle was about to arrive at a bend, so James was forced to slow down before the turn. Not wanting to waste this window of opportunity, Debbie speedily leaped off the car, darted toward her car and hopped in it.

Starting the engine, she immediately shifted to reverse gear, stepping on the gas while promptly turning the steering wheel in order to make a sharp turn. Probably due to the adrenaline kicking in, she managed to pull all of these steps under just one breath. Before James or any of his men could do anything to stop her, she had already put the pedal to the metal and drove her car away at breakneck speed, successfully getting away from their watchful eyes.

Keeping the car's speed between 110km/h to 120km/h, she had no intention of slowing down until she was completely sure that James was already out of sight. Once she was certain that she had already gotten far enough, she eased up the tension that had built up in her calf muscles. She gradually let go of the accelerator and slowed down little by little.

After stumbling upon such a busy street, Debbie pulled over, switched on the light inside the car, and started checking up on all the injuries she might've accumulated in her arms and legs.

Her leg had gotten scraped when she tried to dodge James' limo. Apart from that, she also got a couple of bruises in her arms which she might have received after having a scuffle with the bodyguards.

Fortunately, all she got were just minor injuries and it wasn't anything severe. Heaving a heavy sigh of relief, she immediately headed over to the hospital.

After she was done receiving some first aid treatment at the hospital, it was already late in the evening. So, Debbie immediately sent Colleen a text message, telling her that something suddenly came up and that she would just have to postpone her visit to the kids some other time.

At the ZL Group's New York branch

Inside the general manager's office

A secretary was knocking on the door. After getting the go signal to let her in, she entered the room and said, "Ms. Shu, there's a lady outside who would like to see you."

With her head buried deep within the countless piles of papers, Miranda didn't even have the time to raise her head and glance at her secretary. "Do you know who she is? Is it something urgent?" she hastily asked.

"She told me that her last name is Nian and that there was some important matter she had to discuss with you."

'Nian?' Miranda visibly raised her head upon hearing this last name being mentioned.

'Could it possibly be her?'

She immediately brought out her mobile phone and searched for an image of a poster. Showing it to the secretary, she told her, "Go ahead and ask the people at t

to remind him that he could easily take back his position in the company. However, Carlos would just simply refuse considering the idea every single time. It even came to a point where he actually gave her a fair warning not to sow the seeds of discord between him and his father.

Given that Miranda still wasn't saying anything and just kept quiet, Debbie tried asking once more, "There's something else I've been meaning to ask you about, Aunt Miranda. Was it also James who told everyone what the cause of the car accident was? Did he tell you that it was because the truck driver had been extremely exhausted while he was driving?" With the cause of the car accident being mentioned, Miranda finally turned around to look at Debbie. This was something she wasn't expecting to hear, so her curiosity had gotten piqued.

A bit taken aback, she asked her directly, "What are you trying to imply from that?"

Seeming so resolute, Debbie peered straight into her eyes. "Just two nights ago, James tried to run me over with his car. And as luck would have it, somehow, I managed to dodge it. But that incident reminded me of what happened that year. Being at the jaws of death, I had a suspicion that it was..."

"Bite your tongue!" Feeling so anxious, Miranda looked over towards the door. Upon checking through the glass window and making sure that no one was standing outside the room, she flatly said, "You should be acting your age. Are you not aware that out of the mouth comes evil? Be mindful of what you say. For now, why don't you head back to Y City? And don't come back until you could bring me some proof that would be enough to prove your innocence. If you can't come up with anything to prove yourself, I'm telling you right now that you shouldn't expect getting any help from me, and I will even help James get rid of you!"

With her eyes bloodshot, a smile crept onto Debbie's face. Finally, she pulled it off and somewhat managed to convince Miranda to give her a chance. As her voice was breaking, she said with gratitude, "Thank you so much, Aunt Miranda. I will go back right away."

As she watched Debbie walk away and leave the room, Miranda tried to catch her breath and plopped down on the sofa, losing the strength on her legs. Lowering her head, she reflected on the information Debbie had just given her.

In Y City

The moment Stephanie wrapped up her meeting and stepped out the conference room, her phone suddenly rang. "Hello?" she said upon picking it up.

"Miss Li, were you trying to reach me? I was a bit preoccupied earlier," the person on the other end of the call responded.

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