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   Chapter 356 Let Me Fix My Make-up First

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 9797

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Debbie went to a shopping mall to buy gifts and clothes for Piggy and Jus. After that, she drove towards Curtis' house.

It was already dark outside. The corner that Debbie was about to take had no street lamps, so she drove slowly and cautiously.

Once she entered the street, the headlights of her vehicle shone on a group of people that were in front of her car. Instinctively, she slammed on the brakes to stop the car.

Fortunately, she wasn't driving fast and was able to stop in time before hitting anyone.

Debbie heaved a sigh of relief. Once she had calmed herself down, she gazed out at the group in front of her. They had raised their hands to shield their faces from the glare. Her headlights lit up a familiar face that she noticed from the cluster of people. One that she would never forget. A cynical smile slowly crept across her face.

Debbie slowly parked her car to the side of the road and turned the hazard lights on. Then, without any sign of fear, she got out of the vehicle and stood arrogantly in front of the group of men.

"Debbie Nian, I never expected that you would break your word!" James ranted furiously at the sight of Debbie. A malicious look was evident in his eyes.

Debbie casually leaned against her car and crossed her arms. "James Huo, why should I keep my word to a liar? I didn't expect you to be so despicable and deceive me into divorcing Carlos three years ago." Even though Debbie was facing five tall and burly bodyguards, her voice was fearless and almost sounded lazy.

"Despicable? Me? What a joke! It's not my fault that you're so stupid!" James ridiculed. James had been living a very comfortable life for the past three years. As the current CEO of the ZL Group, he enjoyed all the luxuries that went along with the title. Including countless people trying to fawn on him and the indulgence of many beautiful women. More importantly, he didn't need to bother with the busy work of managing the company, because Carlos had been taking care of all the company's affairs for him ever since he woke up from the coma. In other words, James had been enjoying the title of CEO of the ZL Group without putting in any effort.

However, Debbie's sudden appearance had threatened his comfortable life. James could sense that Debbie had changed. She was different from the one he knew from three years ago, who had been weak and foolish. This one was full of confidence and had an arrogance about her. James had a feeling of impending doom in the pit of his stomach. 'No way! I won't allow such things to happen. I'm the master of my fate!' James thought to himself.

"Yes, you're right. I was stupid," Debbie agreed. Then the smile on her face had turned to a sneer of resentment as she glared at James with her beautiful eyes. "But not anymore, James! I've learned my lesson well. I have the courage to stand in front of you, which means you are no longer someone I fear. T

eeched. He managed to pull the car door shut, but Debbie could still hear his shrieks.

While rubbing his stinging eyes, James felt around for the lock and pressed the button to lock Debbie out. She tugged on the handle a few times to try and open the door. However, when she realized that it was locked, she marched over to the roadside. There she picked up the biggest rock that she could find and then strode back and smashed it against the hood of his luxury limo.

Even though she put a few scratches and dents on the hood and panels, it wasn't enough to vent her anger. Debbie then began to pound the rock hard against the windows, but after great effort, she still wasn't able to break any of them. The quality built limousine deserved the expensive price tag.

Nevertheless, she did manage to put a few cracks in the windows that would need to be replaced.

However, James was the person that she wanted to get to, not his car. If she could only hit James with the rock, she would go home a happy woman and sleep well tonight.

While Debbie was trying to get to James, one of the bodyguards had recovered somewhat and sprinted towards Debbie with clenched fists. Debbie saw him coming and removed her high heels and threw them at his face. The well-trained bodyguard swiftly dodged the shoes, and they fell harmlessly onto the ground without doing the intended damage.

Debbie had used up all of her options and had to fight him with her bare hands. She kicked him hard into his stomach with her right leg and then tried to attack all the weak points on his body.

Even though the bodyguard wasn't able to open his eyes properly, he did manage to defend himself against Debbie's attacks.

Debbie had given him everything she had and had exhausted all of her options. However, it made no difference. He still came at her, and soon the others would too. At a disadvantage, Debbie knew that she had to come up with a solution quickly.

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