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   Chapter 355 Millie Is Pregnant

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At around dusk, Debbie put on a long, casual dress to take Harley for a walk. She grabbed the dog leash and headed out.

This time, when she arrived at the ground floor, she was happy to find that Carlos was already walking Millie along a path around the block.

She joyfully trotted to Carlos along with Harley. "Mr. Handsome! Old man!"

Carlos turned around. A light smile flashed on his face as he replied, "Hmm."

'Hmm again?'

Debbie wasn't all too pleased with how cold Carlos was acting towards her.

"What are you busying yourself with these days?" she asked in a feigned casual voice as she watched the two dogs play together.

She was surprised to get an explanation from him this time. "I was on a business trip in New York. I just came back this morning," he explained.

'So that's it. Is that why he didn't contact me?' she wondered. "I see. So do you have anything to do tonight?"

"Yes." He needed to meet an important client that night.

A bit disappointed, Debbie said, "Well, then, go on and work."

This didn't escape Carlos—there was a hint of disappointment in Debbie's eyes.

Flashing a smile, he suddenly pulled her into his arms when she least expected it, and kissed her on the lips.

Shocked, Debbie didn't realize that Carlos' lips were on hers right away.

After kissing, Carlos didn't let go of her yet. Instead, he put his palm at the back of her head and pressed his forehead against hers. Slightly out of breath, he told her, "Millie is pregnant."

"Hmm?" She blinked, unsure what she had heard.

"It's Harley, your dog, that got her pregnant," he said.

At that moment, Carlos recalled how he found out in the first place. It was Stephanie who told him. He was still in New York when Stephanie called him up. She was wondering how their dog could get pregnant.

Carlos immediately thought of Debbie's male dog, Harley, who always enthusiastically pestered and played with Millie each time he saw her. That dog was very much like his owner's personality—active, enthusiastic, and clingy. So Carlos figured that it must have been Harley who had gotten Millie pregnant. He calmly said to Stephanie then, "Damon's son wants one of the puppies."

"Wh-what? How is that related to Millie's pregnancy?" Stephanie asked, confused.

"When Millie gives birth, I'll give one to Damon's son and one to Curtis' son," h

h him. So when he found out that Carlos wanted the piano model and was willing to pay double for it, he agreed right away.

Debbie tried to suppress the excitement exploding in her heart. "So... what does this mean?" 'Is he giving it to me or is he going to give it to another woman?' she wondered eagerly.

Carlos cast her a sidelong glance. "What do you think?"

Debbie pursed her lips. She deliberately scoffed, "I think it's a nice gift for your fiancee..."

Frowning, he said in a stern voice, "Keep it. Don't damage it or lose it, or else I'll make you pay for it."

Debbie rolled her eyes. Was this the right attitude in giving a present?

But she was already grateful to have received a present in the first place—she didn't want to fight over a petty thing. She cautiously put the piano model back to the brocade box, and then put the box back to the gift bag. Carrying it in her hand, she happily held his arm. "Mr. Handsome, thank you. I love it very much!"

Happiness filled Debbie's heart. She could suddenly see her future with Carlos again.

Carlos slightly grinned and silently watched their two dogs play.

After returning to her apartment, Debbie sat on the edge of her bed and stared at the piano model, her mind racing. She thought about a lot of things—frowning at sad thoughts and smiling at happy thoughts.

She got trapped in her daze for about an hour. When she snapped out of it, she put back the piano model in its box.

She changed into a fresh set of clothes, ready to go to Curtis' house and see her daughter whom she dearly missed.

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