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   Chapter 354 It Was Just For Fun

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 9259

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'Love bites!' Stephanie thought in shock. She struggled to shift her sight past his neck and onto his arm, only to find hickeys there as well. Her heart sank and her face went pale.

Sensing her gaze on his body, Carlos checked his arm. He remembered that Debbie had deliberately left love bites there as payback for his torture. Without letting it bother him, he grabbed another clean towel and wiped his wet hair. Instead of explaining the situation to Stephanie, he asked her, "Do you have anything important to tell me?"

As an experienced woman who had dealt with difficult situations in business, Stephanie was able to quickly regain her composure. Taking a deep breath, she collected herself and asked casually, "Last night—"

"Stephanie," Carlos interrupted her coldly.

"I hope what happened last night won't happen again."

"I'm sorry, Carlos. I know that you are mostly busy. I shouldn't have—"

"I wasn't talking about picking you up from the club," he cut her bluntly.

Stephanie was silent for a moment. She understood what he was talking about. He was condemning her for taking advantage of her drunken state to kiss him.

Carlos wasn't planning on explaining anything about the love bites to Stephanie. He didn't have sex with Debbie last night. He had somehow managed to constrain himself in the end, but they had hugged and slept the night together. But it didn't make a difference to Carlos whether he had sex with her or not. Since he had been so intimate with another woman, he felt it wasn't proper to continue his relationship with Stephanie anymore. He declared, "I need to tell you something. We should—" 'Break up!'

Knowing the words that were about to spill out of his mouth, Stephanie cut in immediately, "It was just for fun, right? You like to play around with other women occasionally. Correct? Carlos, I understand. You don't have to explain yourself to me. We haven't gotten married yet, so I don't mind."

Carlos frowned. He was a little annoyed that she thought he was that kind of a man. "No, it wasn't—" 'Just for fun.'

"Carlos, you haven't had your breakfast yet. I'll go check if it's ready." She hurriedly left his bedroom, without giving him a chance to continue the topic.

After closing the bedroom door behind her, Stephanie supported herself against the wall in the corridor, gasping for air. She clenched her fists in anger. 'Who on earth is that woman? Who the hell left those love bites on him?' she thought furiously.

By the time Carlos got dressed and came to the dining room, the housemaid had already prepared the breakfast and laid it out on the table. Stephanie was not in the living room, or in the dining room. As he sat at the table, he asked the maid, "Where's Stephanie?"

The maid repl

door behind her, Debbie put the carry bag on the table and took out the boxes one by one. There were six main dishes inside it, and a bowl of rice and noodles. No wonder the bag was so heavy.

She recognized the logo on the takeout boxes. It had been ordered from the fifth floor of Alioth Building.

Her stomach rumbled and her mouth watered as she breathed in the delicious smell. She rushed to the bathroom to freshen up.

While she was eating her lunch, she texted Carlos via WeChat. "Thank you for the lunch, Mr. Handsome. It's delicious."

"Hmm," he replied shortly. There were no more messages from him.

Debbie scoffed. She had expected that Carlos would be more enthusiastic towards her after what had happened last night, but he was just his usual self.

Anyway, things had been going smoothly between them. Debbie was relaxed now. So, in the following days, she shifted most of her attention to the upcoming concert.

She had flown back to Z Country once to deal with some important work. After that, she picked up Piggy from the Wen family's residence and secretly brought her to Curtis' house in Y City.

By the time Debbie was done with all her work, two weeks had passed since she had last met Carlos.

She sighed in disappointment. Not once had Carlos contacted her. She had thought that he would take the initiative to contact her, but he was still as aloof as ever.

'I can't wait for him to make a move. It has already been two weeks. I have to do something myself!' she thought.

She pulled out her phone and sent him a message. "I'll be walking the dog tonight."

Two hours later, she received Carlos' reply. It was a simple "Hmm" again.

She was used to his cold attitude, but it still hurt when he acted like he didn't care.

'Ah, forget it! I hope I can see him tonight, ' she smiled to herself.

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