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   Chapter 353 You Guys Are So Noisy

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"Hmm..." Carlos swallowed hard and tried to move his eyes away from Debbie.

The truth was, what happened between him and Stephanie earlier that night was just an accident. She was drunk and she didn't want to leave when he picked her up from the club. Then before he could even open the car door, Stephanie tripped on her heels and fell forward. Carlos instinctively reached out to catch her, consequently wrapping his arms around her waist. However, he had lost control of his balance.

To keep from falling, Carlos pressed Stephanie against the car for support. He was surprised to find that Stephanie took this chance to kiss him. She grabbed him and locked her arms around his neck and started kissing him passionately.

At that exact moment, Debbie and her friends had just seen the whole thing happen. What they didn't see was Carlos desperately trying to free himself from Stephanie.

"What happened tonight will never happen again." Carlos found himself assuring Debbie right away. He found it strange but he liked it.

Debbie's face broke into a smile—she was satisfied. She stopped crying and leaned over for a kiss until she seemed to remember something, and stopped herself. Her face twisted into disgust. She hatefully wiped Carlos' lips with her hand. "I hate that you have that woman all over your lips! Yuck! Brush your teeth please!" she demanded.

She didn't kiss him. Instead, she pushed him all the way to the bathroom.

Carlos was at a loss for words. He wondered what he was really doing here when he was only getting tortured by Debbie. Why would he bring all this trouble for himself? Was he taking advantage of his freedom too much? Even he couldn't quite understand himself.

A few minutes later, after brushing his teeth, he walked back to her bedroom again. He thought Debbie would be sleeping right now but instead, he found her lying seductively and gazing at him.

As soon as he came out, she giggled and called, "Come here, Mr. Handsome. I have a secret for you."

Carlos obediently walked over and sat on the edge of her bed. Absentmindedly, he said, "Don't sleep yet. I'll have someone bring you a—" Before he could finish speaking, Debbie suddenly crawled up to him and kissed him.

Her skirt had already been taken off. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her body, slowly moving it up and down and letting him explore her. She softly tempted him, whispering his ear, "Mr. Handsome, we didn't really want to get divorced. We've already done this before. A lot of times. I've never slept with anyone since..."

Carlos tightened his grip on her waist, trying to constrain himself.

But Debbie wasn't backing down. She continued whispering flirtatiously, "I read on the Internet that if thirty-year-old men don't get regular s

else to do. We should get going." Then, she broke free from Jared's grip and walked up to Debbie. In a hushed voice, she cautioned, "Debbie, you're still young. Don't tire yourself out. Be careful of your health, especially your..." 'Kidney!' Sasha didn't blurt out that last word. Frequent sex could cause kidney deficiency, but since they didn't really have sex last night, Sasha stopped her joke midway.

Debbie's lips twitched.

Jared dragged Sasha to leave the apartment. Debbie returned to her bedroom without seeing her friends off. As soon as she climbed onto her bed, she fell asleep at once.

On the sixth floor

When Stephanie woke up, it was already past seven o'clock in the morning. After drinking the soup prepared by the maid, she fixed herself and went to knock on Carlos' bedroom door.

But no one opened the door. After a few moments, she pushed open the door and heard someone in the bathroom. She realized that it was probably Carlos.

But something was wrong. She checked the time and it was around 8:00. Carlos normally jogged in the morning. He would come back around 6:40 and by 7:00, he would already have taken his shower. So why was he showering so late?

She caught a glimpse of the tidy bed. That was when she grew suspicious. 'Didn't Carlos sleep here last night? Or did he actually make his bed before going into the shower?'

As she got lost in her thoughts, the sound of the running water suddenly stopped. Stephanie stared at the bathroom door. Soon, the door flew open.

With a bath towel sloppily hanging over his waist, Carlos walked out the bathroom. When he saw the woman in his bedroom, he slightly furrowed his brows.

Stephanie snapped out of her trance and explained, "I just came to tell you, last night I..." She stopped mid-sentence when she noticed an obvious love bite on Carlos' neck.

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