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   Chapter 352 Promise Me

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When Debbie saw Carlos' gloomy face, her mind went blank for a moment. "Oh, it's you, old man. No, you can't be here. I must have made a mistake." 'He should be enjoying his girlfriend's company right now. Does he have time for me?' conflicting thoughts ran through her mind.

With her eyes closed, she leaned against his chest, smelling his enchanting scent.

"Where to, Mr. Huo?" asked Carlos' assistant, who was ready in the driver's seat.

For the six months he had been on the job, he had never seen Carlos hug another woman besides Stephanie. This was a first.

Carlos was quiet for a moment. He looked out the window, stroked his brow and said, "Go to Champs Bay Apartments."

"Yes, Mr. Huo."

The car pulled into Champs Bay Apartments in about ten minutes, where on arrival, Carlos' phone rang. A call from Curtis.

"Hi," he answered at once.

"Carlos, Jared told me he couldn't find Debbie. Do you know where she is?" While Jared anxiously looked for her, Debbie had left her phone on the couch at the club. In his frantic efforts to find her, he had called Curtis.

"Yes, I do," Carlos replied faintly.

"Good. Jared said she was drunk. Take care of her, OK?" said Curtis, feeling relieved.


Elsewhere, Jared was still worried. Only after Curtis called back and told him about her whereabouts did he get some rest.

'How did Carlos take her so quietly? He is like a ghost, ' Jared reflected.

With Debbie gone and Kasie dead drunk, there was no fun in the club for him. He decided to leave. The bill would cost him a fortune, though. He went to the manager. "Good fellow, tell me, how long will I have to wash the dishes here to pay the bill?"

The manager smiled politely. "You wouldn't be able to pay off even if you washed the dishes here for 20 years. Mr. Han, you'd better pay the bill directly."

"Fine. Call this guy. He is my brother. Tell him I ran away, and ask him to settle up." Jared hadn't spoken to Damon for a long time.

Damon wouldn't get ripped off willingly, not to mention the bill was ridiculously high. He called Jared. Yet Jared said calmly, "In the past years, as the elder brother, you didn't take care of me at all. Just consider this bill as your way

red with anger, wishing to strangle her.

But Debbie seemed to be oblivious of his rage. She mumbled on, "I planned to stay single for the rest of my life when they told me you died. Is this how you treat me? Boo...hoo... Asshole! You're a heartless jerk!"

Ignoring her rant, Carlos put her on the bed, took off her shoes and pulled a thin quilt over her.

But she refused to sleep under the quilt and kicked it off the bed. Then she sat up, screaming and cursing. "You're not my husband. My husband loves me. He won't kiss another woman. Neither will he marry someone else. Get out of here!"

After she punched him again, Carlos grabbed her hands and warned, "Shut up and go to sleep! You don't have to push me to the wall."

"Why have you changed so much? You no longer are the person I knew. Back then you loved me from the bottom of your heart."

Carlos was left speechless. 'This woman is a piece of work, ' he thought.

While he racked his brains for an end to the drama, she abruptly made a turn around, held him tight and pressed her face against his chest. "Old man, don't kiss her. Promise me you won't kiss her, okay?"

Her change of tone got him by surprise. A few minutes ago, he had wished she'd be worn out and leave him in peace.

But now, at her soft tender voice, and the way she held him tight, Carlos wished that moment could last forever.

Unaware she was turning him on, Debbie went on between sobs, "Just promise me. It's all I'm asking for."

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