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   Chapter 351 Drown Sorrows In Alcohol

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 10222

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Later on, that man just ran away eventually, so Jared had to go after him. And during that day, Kasie just happened to be enjoying a cup of coffee there. Unfortunately for her, she had been forced to pay for all of the damages Jared had caused.

Once Jared finally sobered up after getting some much-needed rest, he couldn't remember anything about what happened.

The person who was having a cup of coffee along with Kasie was acquainted with Sasha as well. So, she told her about the mess he had made at the cafe.

It should go without saying that Sasha felt so terrible upon finding that out. She offered to pay Kasie back for it, but she persistently refused to accept her money, telling her that if Jared footed her bill next time, then they could call it quits.

"She just had to pay for less than a million and here I am left with no choice but to pay several million." Jared clenched his teeth, fuming with intense anger.

With one hand propped against her chin, Kasie leisurely browsed the menu. Then, she swiftly scanned the club, checking the people there with them. "From what I could gather, you would have to pay roughly around ten million, but that's just an approximation. Why don't you just go ahead and ask the manager o give you a discount? Loosen up a bit. You're going to be alright."

"Ten... ten million!" Jared blurted out, feeling so frustrated.

Paying no attention to him, Kasie moved on and asked Debbie, "Tomboy, what are you gonna be having? Look at the menu and see if there's anything you might like."

Placing her phone down at the table, Debbie checked the menu. "I would love to have a hard drink. It's been ages since the last time we were able to go out to grab a drink like this. We're going to be drinking to our hearts' content tonight. Okay?"

One would easily be able to sense the hint of dejection in her words. It seemed as though she was intending to drown her sorrows in alcohol at that moment.

That being the case, her friends wanted to be there for her to keep her company and go drinking. With a snap of his finger, Jared called the attention of the waiter standing close to them. "Waiter, give us ten bottles of whisky please."

Everyone around them had been left dumbfounded after hearing him say that. 'Man, do you really have to order that much whisky?' a lot of the onlookers wondered.

It was quite obvious that Debbie was really planning to drown her sorrows in all of that alcohol. It was not like she could hold her liquor at all, but the second the whisky was served, she wasted no time and chugged down two glasses in an instant.

As she got to her third glass, she was already beginning to ramble about everything. Somewhere along the middle of that, she even got into a discussion with Jared about a random topic.

Kasie wanted to prevent her from downing her fourth glass. However, Debbie tightly held onto her, with tears welling up in her eyes, and cried out, "Kasie, please just let me drink for now. Once I get so drunk and fall asleep, maybe it will stop hurting this mu

harp and menacing that it sent shivers down the spine of the guy carrying Debbie and made him lose the strength in his legs. "Mr. Huo?"

With just a single glance, the man immediately recognized who Carlos was.

He had actually seen Carlos a couple of times before already, but this was the very first time he had ever had an actual conversation with him.

"Bring her to me this instant," Carlos demanded, quite intimidatingly. Without delay, the man handed Debbie over to Carlos at once.

Women are a dime a dozen. He wouldn't ever dare to displease Carlos over a single woman.

Debbie seemed to have been murmuring something. Instructing his bodyguards, he told them, "Make sure that he gets banned from entering any of the clubs or any other entertainment venues throughout Y City from this day forward."

"As you wish, Mr. Huo!"

The man was left so dumbfounded, not to mention frightened, without a single clue what he had done to offend Carlos. He had made sure to be cooperative and tread carefully. So, why was Carlos still prohibiting him from going to the city's hotspots?

Be that as it might, he didn't have the guts to say anything back. He answered the bodyguards' questions as best as he could. Then he listened as the bodyguards made phone calls to shut him out of entertainment facilities.

Lifting Debbie up, Carlos went ahead and carried her into his car. The stench she had on her made him flinch. Just what was it with him and alcohol tonight? Prior to that, he had to pick up Stephanie, who got drunk as well. And much to his surprise, Debbie was even more intoxicated.

Recognizing a familiar scent from Carlos, Debbie nuzzled up to him. "Hey, what's taking you so long? Why are we still not on the dance floor yet? Come on. What's the matter? Can you dance or not? I bet you can't," she mumbled.

Second later, she heard the car door shut. Squinting her eyes, she innocently asked, "Huh? What is a car door doing here in the middle of the dance floor? Is this some sort of modern technology?"

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