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   Chapter 350 I Want His Heart

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7100

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Debbie had seen Stephanie kiss Carlos lightly on the lips. Totally different from the passionate kiss she had seen a minute ago.

Ironically, Carlos had kissed Debbie passionately too in her apartment earlier the same night.

It was awkwardly quiet. Nobody dared to break the silence.

Stephanie seemed drunk. She kept throwing herself at Carlos. Every time Carlos pushed her away, she would hug him tightly again. "Carlos, I don't feel well. Can we go home?"

Debbie remembered she used to talk to Carlos like this too. Instead of his name, she would call him honey or old man.

She couldn't believe that another woman was now calling his name, hugging him, and being spoiled by him just like how it had been between them before.

The happiness she had felt from their shared moment earlier vanished.

Maybe, men were born liars; they were just incapable of faithfulness.

Debbie watched Carlos hold Stephanie and put her into his car.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She leaned her head back to keep them from falling. She could feel pain enveloping her entire body, her heart shattering into a million pieces. She could feel her whole world collapsing before her. She could cry all she wanted and she could mope around all day if she wanted, but now was not the time. She clenched her fists, gathered herself, and turned to Megan. Her face twisted into what she intended to be a smile. "Miss Lan, I haven't seen you in so long. Why, what have you been busying yourself with? Still being a home wrecker?"

Three years had passed. Megan was still the same Megan. She frowned at what Debbie had said and tried to explain, "No, I think you have it wrong. It was me who called Uncle Carlos. I asked him to come and pick up Aunt Stephanie."

'Aunt Stephanie...'

It seemed like a regular thing to say, but it hit Debbie like a truck.

Debbie used to be the person Megan referred to as her aunt, but now it was Stephanie.

Debbie already braced herself for Megan, but nothing she did could prepare her for realizing that she wasn't anyone in Carlos' life right now. No one referred to her as aunt because she

Jared opened the menu and threw it onto the table. "Fellas, it's my treat tonight. Order anything you want. Don't be a stranger."

"Have you ever seen that movie?" Kasie asked Jared.

"What movie?"

The rest of the group looked at her in confusion.

"The Big Shot."

Before anyone could realize what she was saying, Kasie put her hands over her mouth and shouted, "Everybody, Mr. Han's picking up the tab tonight!"

"Wait, wait, wait..." Jared tried to stop her, but it was too late.

A lot of people had already heard her. The DJ even reenacted the scene from the movie by playing music that pumped up the crowd and shouting in the mic, "Mr. Han's footing the bill tonight! Cheers!"

That specific line from the movie had stuck with everyone — hoping that it would happen to them in real life.

And it was happening now. The club was ringing with cheers, laughter, and shouts.

Jared pointed at Kasie, who was wearing a smirk. His hand was trembling and his lips quivering. He enveloped himself in Sasha's arms and complained, "Sweetheart, Kasie's bullying me!"

Sasha merely blinked at him and said, "Well, you deserve it. Kasie paid hundreds of thousands of dollars last time for what you did, remember?"

It was a long story but basically, Jared was drunk and got into a fight. The man he'd been brawling with ran into a coffee house. To catch the guy, Jared managed to destroy the cafe.

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