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   Chapter 349 The Making Out

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Both Debbie and Blair were stunned by Carlos' reply. At the same time, they envied Wesley's friendship with Carlos. In this corrupt and selfish society, it was hard to find a friend who cared about you enough to be willing to sleep with someone for your sake.

Blair realized that she would have to leave with Wesley that night. After dinner, she walked out of the apartment with Wesley. "Debbie, I live in New District. Come and see me some time. And when you and the others go shopping, call me too. And don't forget to tell me when you hold a concert next time. I'll come and support you!"

"Okay, I'll bear that in mind. Now, go home," Debbie said.

"Okay, see you around." Blair turned to leave, but she halted and ran back to hug Debbie tightly.

They held on to each other for quite some time, unwilling to part. Wesley lost his patience. He grabbed Blair's hand and dragged her towards the elevator as she waved goodbye to Debbie.

Debbie waved back to her and pitied her by how she was being dragged along by Wesley. 'No wonder he hasn't closed the deal with Blair yet. Can't he try and be a little softer to her?

Huh! Blair, I'll pray for you."

When she got back to the living room, her eyes fell on the man sitting casually on the couch.

Debbie ran to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Old man, are you really going to sleep with me tonight?" she asked naughtily. Her eyes roamed through his taut body as if she couldn't wait to strip him naked.

Carlos sighed. 'Seriously though... Why did I marry such a lustful woman?'

But he didn't say it out loud. If Debbie had heard his thoughts, she would have had a hundred ways to prove that she had learned from the best.

Unaware of what was on his mind, Debbie played with the buttons of his shirt.

Carlos pushed her away. "Since the issue is solved, I'm going home."

Saying that, he stood up from the couch. Surprised, Debbie looked at him and said wistfully, "Men are such liars. You said you would spend the night with me, and now you are leaving. Go. I'll just pretend that you were never here."

"Fine," he replied, as if he didn't sense her disappointment at all. He walked towards the door.

Debbie ran after him. "Hey

eyes were glued to something—someone ahead of them.

Jared and Kasie looked towards what she was staring at and saw a man and a woman kissing passionately, standing next to a black Emperor.

This was nothing out of place in a club. They had seen juicier stuff.

Jared snorted. He didn't think of it as a big deal. He was about to laugh at Debbie, wondering why she was making a fuss about it. But then, when he took a closer look, he realized who that man was.

'Shit!' To make sure he wasn't mistaken, he took a few steps forward. He got a clear view of the man's face. Carlos.

And the woman he was kissing was Stephanie.

Before anyone could say anything to diffuse the situation, a familiar shocked voice called out, "Aunt— Debbie Nian?"

Megan stared at Debbie with widened eyes. She was on the phone with someone when she saw Debbie.

The couple stopped kissing when they heard the noise. Carlos pulled away from the woman and turned to look at what was happening.

He saw the group standing not too far away from him and Stephanie. Among them was a woman in a black dress, staring at him

with a pasty face.

Carlos felt guilty and ashamed for reasons he couldn't fathom. He moved away from Stephanie and straightened his tie in annoyance.

Debbie stuck her fingernails into her palms as they formed tight fists. It hurt, but it was nothing compared to the pain in her heart. For the first time ever, she had seen Carlos making out with another woman.

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