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   Chapter 348 Dinner For Four

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"I have an international video conference later. Didn't you say you wanted a manicure? I can ask Megan to go with you." Carlos took out his phone and started to dial.

"Carlos, can you go with me? I can wait till your meeting is over so we can have dinner together," Stephanie suggested.

"It's going to be a long meeting. I was planning to have my dinner delivered." He proceeded to call Megan anyway despite Stephanie's reluctance.

Stephanie wasn't very pleased with his tone. "It's fine if you don't want to go with me. But why are you making my decisions for me? Did you even ask what I wanted? What if I don't want a manicure anymore? What if I don't want Megan to go with me?" Women tend to be capricious. One minute they want one thing, the next, they don't. Carlos never tried to communicate with Stephanie. He just decided things for her without a care for what she really wanted.

Carlos frowned at this but the person he was calling had just answered. "Hi, Uncle Carlos," came Megan's voice.

"Megan, Stephanie's going to get a manicure. I was going to ask if you could keep her company. I'll send the driver over." Again, Carlos decided for Stephanie.

Stephanie was pissed. She picked up her purse on the sofa and left the apartment with a grim face.

"No problem. My class just ended. I'm about to go home." Megan sounded upbeat.

Carlos looked at the door closed after Stephanie. "Okay. Bye."

After hanging up, Carlos went to the study. There was indeed an international video conference tonight, but he could easily bow out of it if he wanted to.


Blair was playing with Harley. Debbie took out some food from the freezer and asked her, "How about one soup and four dishes? Do you think that's enough?"

"Four dishes? There are only the two of us. Two is enough." Blair wanted to help her prepare the meal, but Debbie refused.

Debbie craned her head from the kitchen, giggling, "I forgot to tell you. I have a big appetite."

"Okay then. I'm not a picky eater. I can't wait to eat!"

"Okay, four dishes and one yummy soup coming up." Debbie cooked the soup first. While it was boil

ask him for help? He's completely unreliable, '

Debbie regretfully thought to herself.

Debbie didn't want Blair to starve so she went inside her bedroom, making sure to close the door.

Blair had heard every word they said at the dinner table. When she saw Debbie, she helplessly said, "He won't leave, and I have to go outside eventually."

Debbie looked at her sympathetically. "I feel for you, sis. But you can't starve yourself. Come on, let's eat."

A few minutes later

The two women sat at the table. The four of them ate in silence. They all wore strange looks on their faces, but the atmosphere wasn't all bad.

Wesley had come here with the intention of taking Blair back. But who would've thought that the night would end like this? Him sitting with the three of them to have dinner. Debbie thought how this all happened.

Carlos had come to her rescue, but she couldn't believe that he was just sitting and having dinner. A dinner that she had cooked.

Carlos and Wesley finished their dinner before Blair and Debbie did. As if out of manners, they both put their chopsticks down and started to watch the women eat. Wesley looked at Blair and Carlos looked at Debbie.

It was strange, to say the least.

Finally, Debbie broke the silence. She looked at Carlos and said, "If you let Wesley take Blair back, you have to stay and spend the night with me. Tonight."

"Okay," Carlos agreed.

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