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   Chapter 345 I Will Remarry Him

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Damon wasn't the least bit offended when Curtis called him a "playboy." He came over and asked, "Why were you with that woman again? Don't let yourself get fooled by her. She may be your niece but you can't just take her side because of that. Carlos was really weird too. He kept on defending that woman no matter what I said. He even said that Debbie was nice and that she didn't deserve to be hated. Must have been bewitched or something. You know—"

"Damon!" Carlos raised his voice cutting Damon off.

"I didn't say anything wrong. I just called Wesley up when I went to the men's room. He said you'd never get rid of that woman," Damon said angrily. He would never talk about Debbie in front of Stephanie. He and Carlos only talked about Debbie whenever Stephanie wasn't there.

Earlier when Damon went to the bathroom, he had apparently called up Wesley. He told him that even though Carlos had lost his memory, he still found Debbie to be a nice person. Damon was upset because he figured that Carlos and Debbie still might end up together.

Curtis hadn't been able to hang out with his friends as much during the past three years.

He'd been staying in A Country for about two years. He only came back to Y City when Colleen was already about to give birth to Justus. Carlos, Wesley, and Damon had been noticeably cold to him for a while now, especially Wesley and Damon. They hated Debbie because they thought she cheated on Carlos, and they, in turn, were angry at Curtis for not hating Debbie and even defending her.

Curtis didn't mind this at all. Now that Debbie was back, he, in fact, hoped that he could spend more time with his friends.

That was why he invited them over to the Orchid Private Club. Luckily enough, they didn't refuse to hang out with him.

Even if they did, Curtis wouldn't take it against them. He was already used to it.

At Orchid Private Club

Carlos, Damon and Curtis entere

held the two women's arms to show that she needed support.

"Of course. I'm on your side," Colleen said firmly. She too hoped that Debbie and Carlos would get back together.

"Me too," Adriana said. She also liked Debbie better than Stephanie.

They left the shoe department and went to the children's clothing department.

There, they bumped into Wesley and Blair.

"Hi, Colonel Li, Blair!" Adriana waved at them.

The moment Wesley met Debbie's eyes, his face twisted as if out of disgust.

'If there weren't so many people, he might've killed me by now, ' Debbie thought to herself.

"Debbie?" Blair was surprised to see Debbie. She hadn't seen her for a long time.

Debbie nodded and greeted her, "Hi, Blair."

Blair ran towards Debbie, in an attempt to hug her, but Wesley stopped her. He grabbed her by her collar, which made her stop so abruptly she almost fell.

"Ha-ha!" The other three women burst out laughing.

Wesley said coldly, "Stay here. Why are you acting so excited? Don't do that. You should let your guard up around some people."

Debbie rolled her eyes and wondered to herself, 'Damon and Wesley talk the same way. Are they biological brothers or something?'

Blair turned around and said angrily, "Let go of me! Debbie's my friend."

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