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   Chapter 344 Why Not Take Piggy Back

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"Debbie is right. If James is determined to separate her and Carlos, he will probably threaten her with Piggy. She can't take the risk. Debbie, you must think thrice before acting. After all, James is an old fox. Not only do Wesley and Damon trust him, but Carlos is also loyal to him," said Curtis. He had seen with his own eyes how loyal Carlos was to James.

He didn't think Debbie could win against James.

"I know, Uncle Curtis. I've hired a private detective to look for the evidence of the crimes he had committed. Besides, I have to clear my name. I don't want Piggy to be laughed at because she has a notorious mother," said Debbie firmly. She was not the old Debbie anymore.

She wouldn't go soft on those who dared to hurt her and her family again.

The three of them had a nice lunch, chatting and laughing.

During the lunch, Curtis suggested, "It's not appropriate to have your friend's mom take care of Piggy all the time. How about this? Why not take her back and let her live with Jus? We have two babysitters. I believe Jus will like Piggy very much."

Colleen nodded, "That's right, Debbie. After all, Carlos is in Y City, while Piggy is in Z Country. You can't always fly between the two places, can you?"

Debbie was tempted by their offer. If Piggy was in Y City, she could have more time with her. She really missed her a lot. But...

Curtis sensed Debbie's hesitation. He pushed his glasses up his nose and assured her, "Colleen and I don't live in the Lu family's house anymore. We have our own. The Lu family rarely visits so you don't have to worry about them. As for James, Carlos and I rarely see each other and I don't have any business with James."

'That sounds great, ' Debbie thought to herself. "Aunt Colleen, don't you need to go to work?" she asked.

"I quit. I'm a housewife now. Your uncle Curtis is well paid, and he can support me and our child. We even want to have more children." Colleen turned to look at Curtis and gave

t. Debbie, are you joining us?"

Debbie had nowhere to go too, so she nodded, "Sure."

Before Damon could say something, the three women had already left.

Stephanie, whose arm was still linked through Carlos', felt a bit isolated and embarrassed. She felt like an outsider.

An awkward silence rung in the air when Curtis took a few steps towards Carlos and offered, "Carlos, Damon, do you have anywhere you need to be? We can go to the Orchid Private Club if you like."

Damon shifted his glance to Debbie's disappearing figure and complained, "She just came back and she's already stealing my wife away from me. She's still so annoying. I guess nothing's changed. Anyway, yeah, I'm free. What about you, Carlos?"

Carlos nodded and then turned to Stephanie. "I'll have the driver take you to the office."

"All right. See you tonight." Stephanie bid Carlos and the others goodbye as she headed for the elevator.

Curtis, Damon, and Carlos were now left alone. Damon looked at Justus, then turned to Curtis. "Are you sure you want to take your son to the club?"

Curtis was a bit irked, and snapped at him, "Of course not. I don't want my boy to follow bad examples. My son will be a loyal boyfriend and husband in the future, not a playboy like you. Let's go. I'll ask the babysitter to pick him up."

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