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   Chapter 343 I Have A Daughter

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Curtis said in a soft voice, "The name 'Justus' means upright and just. I don't expect him to be perfect. All I'm hoping for is that he will be a man of integrity." As he spoke, he fixed his eyes on his son, his eyes full of affection.

Upon hearing that, Debbie gave him a thumbs-up. "Wow! You're such a good father. Most parents would put all their expectations on their children. They want the world for their children—high-paying jobs and being CEO of a company. But you're not like that."

As if Colleen had thought of something, she rolled her eyes and said, "Debbie, I actually wanted to name him 'Leonardo' after Leonardo DiCaprio since I'm a huge fan. But your uncle Curtis didn't want me to."

Debbie burst into laughter. "I can understand Uncle Curtis. He's so possessive of you."

While listening to their conversation, Curtis just smiled softly. He dismissed the waiter in the private booth so that they could talk freely. He poured the two women each a glass of juice.

Colleen held her son's hand and told him, "Jus, this beautiful girl is your cousin. This is Debbie."

Looking at Debbie with his round eyes, Justus called out in a small voice, "Debbie."

Debbie pinched his face and said playfully, "Jus, you're so handsome. I think I'm in love with you!"

Colleen guessed that Debbie wasn't used to holding babies so she took Justus over. "Jus, do you like Debbie? She's so pretty, huh?"

Debbie straightened Justus' clothes and said to Colleen, "Why did you take Jus? I still want to play with him. How about this? I'm available in a few days. Let me take care of him for a couple of days so that you and Uncle Curtis can have a few days just to yourselves."

Colleen answered with a smile, "Come on! You must be kidding. You don't know how to take care of babies."

Debbie's smile froze. It was not until then that she realized that she had told Curtis she had aborted her baby three yea

girl, and she's more than two years old. Her nickname is Piggy. A friend's mom is taking care of her for me. I cannot let Carlos know she exists. I will take her back to Y City after he gets his memory back."

"Piggy? Come on! She's a girl! How could you name her Piggy?" Colleen looked at Debbie in disbelief.

Debbie sighed helplessly, "She doesn't like meat. I started calling her Piggy because I wanted her to eat some meat and gain some weight. She still doesn't eat meat but the name stuck. Don't worry. Her real name's Evelyn Nian."

"Thank God. But why don't you tell Carlos about Piggy? Maybe he'll get back together with you if he knows you have a baby with him." Colleen thought it wasn't wise of Debbie to keep Piggy a secret from Carlos. Piggy was Carlos' daughter and he might get back together with Debbie for the sake of their child.

Debbie shook her head. "I don't think Carlos will want to get back together with me just because we have a child together. Besides, James is still in the picture. He'll try whatever he can to break us up. If Carlos and I fail to get back together and James gets a hold of Piggy, I'll never forgive myself. Piggy is my daughter. These past three years, I've leaned on Piggy for support and love. I can't afford to lose her."

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