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   Chapter 340 Call Curtis Again

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Ivan stared at Debbie's contract and said into his phone, "Your contract is going to expire soon. You plan to settle in Y City, don't you? Now you can go anywhere else to explore new horizons for your music. With your potential, I believe you will make an international star."

"But..." Debbie stammered.

Ivan knew what was on her mind, so he coaxed, "We can hold your concert in a month. If no company wants to sign you then, you can still go back to the Wen Group, while we wait for some large company to come knocking for your signature."

"Absolutely not! Ivan, I won't do that. Even if I'm going to work outside the Z Country, I will still sign with the Wen Group." Through the years, Ivan and Irene had helped her a lot. If she chose to leave the Wen Group at this moment, she would be the most ungrateful woman in the world.

"Debbie, relax. Listen to me. The Star Empire under the ZL Group is one of the leading companies in the entertainment industry. If you can sign with the Star Empire, it will add to your popularity. A contract with them will benefit you a lot. You've been working day and night all these years. Have you forgotten what you've always wanted to be?" Ivan asked.

'What do I want? I want to be powerful enough to avenge myself, ' Debbie thought.

After a short pause, she said, "My answer is the same. I want to stay with the Wen Group for life."

Ivan burst into laughter. "I admire your firmness! But... Come on. We have many popular stars, and your absence will make no difference. The only reason why I'm asking you to sign with the Star Empire is that they have Carlos as their boss. You came back to Y City for him, didn't you?"

'What? Carlos is in charge of the Star Empire?! That means if I sign with the company, Carlos will be my boss!' The very thought excited Debbie.

Sensing that she hesitated, Ivan continued, "I believe you and Carlos will eventually get back together. Then you will settle in Y City. Isn't that something you'd fancy?"

Ivan's words made sense. "But the Star Empire has more established stars. I'm afraid—"

Ivan interrupted her. "Don't think too much. You are different from them. Unique in

"Is this Colleen?"

"Yes, ma'am. Who am I talking to?" Colleen sounded somewhat drowsy at first. But she quickly recognized Debbie's voice. "Gee!" she exclaimed. "Debbie, is this really you?"

Debbie's eyes turned teary as she answered, "Yes... Colleen, I..."

"Ain't fair, Deb. You just went MIA for a whole three years!" Coleen complained. "Girl, I even came to Z Country a couple of times, but you were nowhere to be seen. What's up?"

"Yeah, I know. And for that reason, I'm reaching out to invite you and Mr. Lu for dinner."

"Sure. Wait a second." Colleen called out, "Honey! Honey!"

Curtis' voice came from the other end of the line, gentle as ever. "What's up? The call's for me?"

"Mm-hmm. Guess who?" Colleen handed the phone to Curtis. A strange number.

Curtis passed the baby in his arms to Colleen and answered the phone in confusion. "Hello, who am I talking to, please?"

"Uncle Curtis, it's me, Debbie."

Curtis was lost for words. Debbie's voice alone was surprising enough. Yet she called him "Uncle!" The first time! He couldn't help but smile. A real ear-to-ear smile.

'Stubborn girl!' he thought. "Are you back in the city?"

"Yes, Uncle," she replied, her voice choking on tears.

Curtis asked with concern, "Good to know that. How have you been all these years?"

"Pretty good. Uncle Curtis, I want to invite you and Aunt Colleen to dinner and apologize to you face to face," Debbie explained.

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