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   Chapter 339 I'm Currently Single

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Since Debbie was a celebrity in Z Country, she had been wearing sunglasses and a bucket hat all the while.

At the night market, Carlos had heard many people gossip among themselves, wondering whether the woman beside him was Debbie Nian.

But at that moment inside the car, she was not wearing her sunglasses. She wasn't wearing any make-up either. Her eyes were closed, her eyelashes long and beautiful.

She had a delicate nose and plump red lips.

He felt like he was being bewitched as he slowly lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

The air in the car became thick with romance.

Debbie felt his kiss. She was familiar with his scent. The smell of tobacco in his mouth was the same as before. She was filled with nostalgia.

She slowly lifted her hands and cradled his neck, kissing him back passionately without opening her eyes. Carlos did not stop her. He could not.

Every time Stephanie had tried to make out with him, Carlos would refuse her. He had even doubted himself, wondering if he was impotent.

But the fire raging in his belly at this moment proved that he was perfectly normal. He had a very strong sexual desire, but it was just not aimed at Stephanie.

A few minutes later, the two broke apart, gasping for air. Their foreheads were still against each other and Carlos' arms were wrapped tightly around her waist. He demanded in a hoarse voice, "Get out!"

Debbie rolled her eyes. 'You are still holding me in your arms. How am I supposed to get out?' Besides, she didn't want to leave yet.

"I—" Before she could finish speaking, her lips were being devoured once again, fervently.

Breaking apart from her once again, Carlos tried to calm down. He let go of her and leaned forward to open the passenger door for her. "Get out!"

Biting her swollen lips, Debbie held onto his waist tightly and said, "Carlos Huo, I have only ever slept with you in my life, and I will never sleep with another man. We will—"

Carlos couldn't stop himself. He had no control over his own body as he flung himself onto her again, kissing her with a passion he didn't know was inside him. He was burning for this woman. 'Why?!' he screamed in his head, as he pulled her towards his body.

She responded and let him devour her. A few minutes later, he pulled away from her and let her go. He leaned against his seat and closed his eyes without saying a word.


ying, "Find these men as soon as possible. Keep it quiet."

James' dirty secrets were tough to dig out. But Debbie could not just sit and wait. The next day, she went to ZL Group.

The receptionists were not the same people from three years ago. They were all strangers to Debbie.

"May I help you?" one of them asked politely.

Debbie adjusted her sunglasses and answered with a smile, "Yes. I would like to meet Tristan. Thank you."

"Tristan?" The receptionist seemed confused. Obviously, she didn't recognize that name. The other receptionist, who was a little older than her, cast a sharp glance at Debbie and said, "Tristan has long left ZL Group. You didn't know?"

Debbie was stunned. 'Tristan has left?' "Fine, I would like to meet Ashley then."

"Ashley is not working in ZL Group either."

Debbie continued in shock, "What about Zelda?"

"They all left the company three years ago."

Debbie just stared at the receptionist. What was going on? "Do you know where they are now?" she asked.

The receptionist shook her head. "I heard that Tristan had gone abroad. But I never heard anything about Ashley and Zelda."

Debbie was rendered speechless for a while. 'Why did all of Carlos' assistants leave the company at the same time?

Did James drive them away to strengthen his position in the company? Were they a threat to him?'

After leaving ZL Group, Debbie got into her car and stared blankly at the company building.

Her phone rang and she quickly picked it up. "Hi, Ivan."

"Debbie, do you want to hold a concert in Y City?"

Debbie's eyes widened. "Why?"

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