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   Chapter 337 Love Him With Her Heart And Soul

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 11887

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Carlos suddenly remembered the moment he finally regained consciousness after being in a coma for so long. All of the people around him told him that he had gotten involved in a tragic car accident and had been in a vegetative state for over two years. And they also let him know that Stephanie, his childhood friend, was the one who had been staying right by his side and taking care of him in those two years.

James had told him about how he and Stephanie had been deeply in love with each other, and given that he had already woken up, he should then be responsible for her.

From that moment onwards, Stephanie had started reducing the workload she had and devoted most of her time to looking after him as his girlfriend. Regarding the issue of whether he truly loved Stephanie or not, for some reason, it had never really crossed his mind.

There would be times where deep down his heart, he would feel that she wasn't the woman he longed to be with. And it was not like he hated her or anything. In fact, it was quite the opposite. He never really felt sick of her. Because if that had been the case, then there was no way they could've stayed friends since childhood.

He would always tend to reflect about who on earth could the woman he desired possibly be. Where could he find her? What was going on with her life? To be precise, he had second thoughts whether such a woman even existed in the first place. It was also possible that he was just getting so worked up over nothing.

Debbie was so pleased to see how Carlos had been at such a loss for words after hearing her question. Were he to have flatly answered that he loved Stephanie, then she probably would have been left with no choice but to give up on trying to win him back. But fortunately, he didn't say anything like that. He had been reluctant to give her an answer for about two minutes now, and still, she was yet to receive any response out of him. That period of silence helped her keep her hopes up.

Debbie's eyes became bloodshot and began welling up with tears. Leaning over and resting her cheek over his shoulder, she told him, "Mr. Handsome, I know you won't fall in love with her, because you promised me that you would love me for the rest of your life. And even though you might be suffering from memory loss at this moment, I can feel that I'm still there somewhere deep inside your heart. After all, I'm the one you love the most..." It should go without saying that she loved him just as much. Despite the fact that she had been deceived into thinking that he was already dead, the love she had for him never faltered one bit even after the past three years.

As time passed by, the love she had been keeping within never faded away, and rather, it actually even became much stronger than it ever was. She sincerely loved Carlos with her heart and soul.

Pursing his lips intensely, Carlos had been so astounded by the way her words kindled his heart. He had been so deeply moved.

At that moment, he realized that she might've been telling the truth when she said that they had been so in love with each other in the past.

The car then pulled over close to one of the most well-known places in Z Country, always brimming with activity due to its breathtaking views. And as soon as Carlos made sure that the car was locked, Debbie went closer to him, hooking her arms around his.

He tried to refuse her, but Debbie wasn't budging at all, not wanting to take no for an answer. "Back when we were still together, every time we would argue about someth

been left with no choice but to make a deal with him. After that, the bad guy informed me that you didn't make it. That shattered my heart into a million pieces, and I even went to your supposed 'funeral.'" A contemptuous smile slithered onto her face as she recalled that so-called funeral. She couldn't stop herself and ended up asking, "Was I really that foolish? It's just now that I realize how foolish I had been back then. I was the most stupid person in the world. He managed to deceive me."

"And who might that guy be?" Carlos' heart began pounding quite hard the moment he came up with a possible answer.

Debbie didn't have it in her to tell him the bad guy was James, because in his eyes, James had been such a good father to him now after the accident. If she said something that could displease him, Carlos might take it the wrong way and think that she intended to drive a wedge between the father and son. For that reason, she just casually said, "For now, it doesn't really matter who that guy is. It wouldn't make a difference if you find out about it or not. I'll just tell you some other time."

Given that it seemed as though she really had no intentions of spilling the beans, Carlos decided to just let it go for the time being. That being said, he asked her a different question, "So what was that weakness you mentioned?"

"I was..." 'No, no. that's not right. I shouldn't be telling him anything about that now. If Carlos doesn't get his memory back and finds out that Piggy is actually his daughter, we will probably end up having a battle for her custody. What am I going to do if that happens?' Debbie panicked, feeling so anxious.

"Why are you suddenly so hesitant to give me an answer?" Carlos had his keen eyes deeply fixated on her face, looking closely at every little shift in her expression.

"No, it's not like that. I'm just worried because you're suffering from memory loss right now. So, you might have a hard time taking all of this information in. Once you finally get better, I'm going to tell you all about the truth. Alright? I promise you, I won't be keeping anything from you by then! Okay?" Loosening her grip, Debbie intently looked right into his eyes.

Recognizing the sincerity and truthfulness written in her eyes, Carlos decided to just let go of the topic for now and simply continued walking forward.

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