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   Chapter 336 Wait For Me

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Debbie stared at the phone screen, waiting patiently. After a long while, she finally got the notification that her friend request was agreed by the other end.

A big smile crept across her face. 'I know, Carlos can't be that heartless to me. It's just his ego playing tricks here, ' she thought happily.

She quickly sent a WeChat message to that account. "Hi, Mr. Handsome. It's me."

As she waited for his reply, she tapped his WeChat Moments to browse his posts. The big smile on her face froze all of a sudden when she saw one of the posts.

Like his old habits, he seldom updated his Moments. And on the few occasions when he did update, it was all about the ZL Group. Except for one odd post with a picture of Stephanie. Quite unusual for the man that Debbie knew.

The picture was posted last month, and even though there were no words to caption it, the picture itself was enough to make Debbie sad. Obviously, they were showing off their affection. On the assumption that she shared no common friends with Carlos on WeChat, she decided to leave a comment since nobody else would see it. "Mr. Handsome, can you delete this post? It pains my heart seeing the picture. My stomach churns too. My head throbs and my whole body aches," she wrote.

It took longer for Carlos to reply. But just when she decided he wasn't going to write back, an indifferent response popped up under her comment.

"Keep on with your feelings. They no longer mean anything to me." Debbie was incensed. What a heartless man!

'Carlos Huo, keep on snubbing me. One of these days, I'll teach you a lesson. Pray that you don't ever come back to me!' she swore in her mind.

Then, she sent Carlos ten-odd pictures from three years ago, when they were still an item. She typed a message in the end. "I have a few more of our intimate pics on my phone, but I'm not sending you now. Should you come back into my life, those are absolutely the best pics that I'm saving for last. For the time being, I don't see the need for sending them."

Looking at the photos, Carlos frowned.

That woman didn't lie to him. Five of those pictures were their romantic selfies; three of them showed their affectionate kisses in different places; and another three of them were taken in New York.

In all those photos, he looked at the woman with eyes full of tenderness while she sweetly smiled back.

The affection in their eyes was so evident that anyone could easily tell they were a couple, in deep love.

As Carlos pored over those pictures, his phone beeped several times, receiving more intimate photos.

Of course, the male lead was him and the female lead was Debbie, and the background was...on a

a white stylish bucket hat before getting out of the taxi. She clutched her big canvas bag, pulled down the hat over her eyes and walked towards a hotel.

Keeping a low profile, she went to the underground parking lot of the hotel, where she found a modest black Maybach.

Carlos was talking on the phone in the driver's seat.

When he saw the woman who had wrapped herself tight and covered her face, he got out of the car, walked around to the other side and opened the passenger door for her. He signaled to her with his eyes.

Debbie walked up to him, tiptoed and gave him a peck on the lips.

With a triumphant smile, she sat in the passenger's seat. Watching her closely, Carlos was impressed by Debbie's courage. The only woman bold enough to flirt with him where and when she chose.

He was still on the phone but he lost his voice by her sudden kiss.

After giving Debbie a warning glance, he closed the door for her and went on to speak. "Talk about it later, Stephanie. You know I'm usually a very busy man. All the same, send my regards and apologies to your parents." As he sat in the driver seat, Debbie heard him say on the phone, "I have something to handle now. Call you back later."

The mention of the name Stephanie made Debbie feel out of place. 'So he was having a phone call with his soon-to-be fiancee?' she wondered.

While he slowly drove the car out, she tilted her head to look at him and asked, "Mr. Handsome, is your soon-to-be fiancee coming with us?"

"Nope," said Carlos, stealing a quick glance at her, before focusing his gaze on the road ahead.

Debbie didn't mind his cold attitude. She knew his personality. Previously, before they fell in love, he had been quite uptight.

"Then... do you love her?"

Carlos dropped into silence.

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