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   Chapter 331 Harley Caused Big Trouble

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After carefully observing Carlos' routine for several days, Debbie had become familiar with his pattern. When it was time, Debbie would come downstairs with her dog just at the time when Carlos would walk his dog.

Moreover, each of their "chance encounters" took place when Stephanie wasn't home.

It was the same today. Carlos was walking his white Bichon Frise, Millie, as usual, when all of a sudden, he heard another dog barking behind him. The barking came nearer and nearer. Then a woman called, "Harley, slow down."

Harley was the name of Debbie's dog.

When Harley saw Millie, he quickened his pace towards her and jumped excitedly around her.

Debbie quickly picked Harley up before Carlos became angry. She turned to Carlos apologizing, "I'm sorry, he got off the leash."

"He breaks off the leash every day?" Carlos said bluntly.

'Humph! This man isn't nice at all, ' Debbie thought to herself. She ruffled Harley's fur playfully and retorted, "That's right. Opposite sexes attract each other. It's normal for him to behave that way. Mr. Huo, why would you be angry at a dog?"

Carlos' face darkened. He ignored Debbie and continued walking with Millie.

While holding Harley in her arms, Debbie quickened her pace and caught up to him. "Mr. Huo, I haven't seen you for a few days. Where have you been?" she asked with a fawning grin.

"On a business trip," Carlos answered abruptly. He didn't want to talk to her, but through past encounters with her, he had learned that this woman wouldn't give up until she got what she wanted. To shut her up, he had decided to answer her question.

'Oh, a business trip. I've missed you so much, ' Debbie thought to herself. "Did your girlfriend go with you?" she asked.

Carlos shot her a cold glare. "Is there something you want to say?"

"Of course." Debbie stood in front of him with the dog in her arms. "I can go on a business trip with you. You'll be lonely on your own. I can eat with you and keep you entertained." 'If you want, I can even sleep with you.' Unfortunately, given their current relationship, it would be too bold to say that out loud.

Carlos sneered scornfully, "How much for one night?"

Debbie's feelings were hurt. However, since it was Carlos, she took a deep breath and repl

w and then do some activities with the other celebrities.

The show went well, and it was late when she had left the TV station. Debbie started her car when suddenly Decker showed up on a motorbike in front of her vehicle. She hadn't seen him in quite a while.

"Decker," she greeted him while getting out of the car.

Decker had yellow hair and wore huge stud earrings. There were big holes in his jeans, and he had a brand-new motorcycle. On the back seat was a woman with flaming red curls.

One only had to look at them to know that neither of them was a decent person.

Debbie felt an instant headache when she looked at her older brother. "I told you not to hit bars anymore."

Decker got off his motorcycle and stood in front of her like a scumbag. "It's none of your business. Why were you gone for so long? Are you avoiding me? You wouldn't see me again if I hadn't come here to bust you, would you? I'll tell the press how ungrateful and cold you are. You don't even bother to take care of your brother."

Debbie's head was about to explode. She closed her eyes in disappointment as she took a deep breath. She said nonchalantly, "You're a healthy man. Why should I take care of you? I've been busy lately, and I will be out of Z Country for a few days. Get yourself a job."

"I'm too busy to get a job. So you're working, hey? Well, okay, I get it. Then give me fifty grand, and I'll stay out of your way."

'Fifty grand.' Debbie realized she didn't have a brother. She was keeping a leech.

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