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   Chapter 330 Stay Away From Her

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"And I've always tried my best to become a good doctor. Eventually, I'll become the hospital's attending physician, and then finally, the director. That day will come, I'm sure of that. And I'll groom the next ones into becoming a remarkable team of doctors as well," Niles proudly said. He truly had faith that he would become a successful doctor in time.

Damon simply bobbed his head along to all of that. "That's right. Niles is certainly a good doctor."

"Of course. Definitely," Niles replied quite proudly, as he raised his glass to have a toast with Damon.

At that moment, Niles appeared as though something came to his mind. "What has Curtis been doing these days? And what about Megan? Has she been busy with school activities? It's been so long since the last time I saw those two."

The other men listening to him gave each other some suspicious glances. Damon, feeling quite irritated, then answered, "Curtis has changed significantly."

"What's the matter? Is something wrong?" Niles had only been staying in Y City for two years now. Taking that into consideration, he didn't really know much about the group's past.

"For Debbie's sake, he..."

"Damon!" Wesley abruptly—and quite harshly—interrupted Damon as he was talking.

'He mentioned Debbie.' Despite the interruption, Niles heard Damon say her name clear as day.

And it wasn't just him. Carlos, who had been silently sitting there, was left completely dumbfounded by how furiously Wesley reacted. "Are Debbie and Curtis somehow acquainted?" Niles curiously asked.

Nodding along, Damon replied, "Curtis is actually Debbie's uncle."

"Oh, is that so?" That was all Niles said, but in reality, he ended up having a lot more questions to ask. "Wesley, has Debbie done anything? Why do you get so worked up every time someone mentions her name? If I didn't know that you'd been in a relationship with Blair for years now, I would've assumed that Debbie broke up with you or something, making you despise her to that extent."

After saying this, Wesley glanced at Carlos who had confusion written all over his face, much like Niles'. "Have the two of you met already?" he asked him.

Carlos had no intention of denying it.

"It would be best for you to steer clear of that sort of woman!" Wesley remarked, visibly getting infuriated.

This just made Niles' curiosity grow even stronger.

"From my impression of her, Debbie seems like such a nice person. Damon, would you please tell me what really happened? Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm asking this for Carlos' sake. It's easy to tell that he's just as perplexed as I am."

All of them knew that Carlos suffered from amnesia. For that reason, Niles got the idea that Carlos probably was more interested in finding out the truth than he did.

'Was I really that easy to read?' Carlos wondered upon hearing Niles' remarks. The truth was that he ha

quite impoverished. If you could see their house, you wouldn't be able to find a single piece of decent furniture, so asking her to pay for the hospitalization was out of the question. After all, the old lady had also been so devastated after finding out that his son had died. So, ultimately, they had no choice but to drop the issue.

For a while, the air was filled with deafening silence. Before stepping out of the vehicle, Niles suddenly asked Wesley, "By the way, where is Blair? I haven't seen her in such a long time. Have the two of you broken up or something?" Giving him an intense glare, Wesley responded, "You should just stay out of adult matters."

'As a commander of the army, you couldn't do anything to make your relationship with a woman work out even after four years of being together. Big deal, ' Niles pondered to himself.

It should go without saying that Debbie had no clue about what those men had been talking about. She kept on reminding herself that just because Carlos was being so distant with her, she shouldn't be giving up hope that they could still turn their relationship back to the way it used to be.

For two days straight, she stayed over at Kasie's place. Originally, she was planning to acquire an apartment right next to Carlos' at Building 2 of the Champs Bay Apartments. Unfortunately, the unit had a steep cost of $100, 000 per square meter, so she had to think of something else.

Getting a bit of help from a realtor, she managed to get the apartment right above Carlos', on a lease.

As she was moving her stuff, she chanced upon Stephanie walking a dog along the road. With this, Debbie came up with a plan. After a while, she headed over to the pet shop and purchased a Bichon Frise, the exact same breed as Stephanie's pet dog. There was just one thing different about them, though. Stephanie's dog was female, while Debbie, on the other hand, had gotten herself a male one.

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