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   Chapter 328 The Ride

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7027

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The car roared toward her, and Debbie squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable impact. The tires squealed on the asphalt as the car skidded to a stop, just centimeters away from Debbie.

Luckily, the driver was a top-notch circuit driver, and he knew the limits of machine and man... and he was quick enough to step on the brake when she jumped out in the middle of the road. Or else she would have been hit.

After the car stopped, Debbie limped to the back door. Still thinking that Carlos had come back for her, she tapped the car window excitedly. She couldn't wait to see him, to kiss him, to have him hold her in his arms once more.

That same faint buzzing sound came to her ears again as the window descended, revealing the passengers inside. Debbie was smiling; Carlos looked gloomy. He gave her a cold sideways glance and remained silent.

His silence made her heart ache. 'Didn't he come back for me?' Her blood froze in her veins. 'What if he didn't?'

Carlos seemed to have lost all patience. Debbie said hurriedly, "Mr. Huo, could you—"

"No," he refused even before she could finish her sentence.

Her heart tightened into a knot. But she wouldn't give up. "My leg was hurt. And I can't get a taxi. Could you please drop me off at a hospital before heading home?"

"I won't be passing near a hospital." With that, he rolled up the window.

The car drove off, leaving her with a sick feeling.

Debbie raised her head to look at the starry night as she tried to force back her tears.

Three years ago, they lied to her and made her believe he was dead. Every year on the anniversary of his death, she'd cry her eyes out. Sometimes, she would watch her daughter sleeping, watching her tender chest rise and fall, and think about him. When it hurt too much, she would hold Piggy tightly and sob endlessly. Piggy was the last thing of his that she had. The only living reminder. But no matter how hard those days had been, she never cried so much as now. Now she knew he was alive.

Inside the Emperor, Carlos' phone rang. When he saw the caller ID, he answered s

to be patient. If she rushed things, she'd screw things up. He might even hate her. That was not what she wanted.

Carlos was taken aback. His face darkened. 'Turned me down? Is she mad?

She looks young, but she sure has a temper.'

Since Carlos didn't say anything in return, Debbie nodded to Niles Li who was observing them with interest, and made her way to the entrance.

It was almost midnight, and clouds were starting to gather to choke the moon. There were very few taxis passing by the hospital at this point. Debbie waited by the green belt at the roadside. At this point, Kasie called her. "Where are you? Done with dinner?" she asked.

"Yeah. I'm on my way back."

"Where are you? I'll ask the driver to pick you up."

Debbie lied so Kasie wouldn't worry. "Don't sweat it. I'll get a cab."

Kasie thought about it. "Okay. You know martial arts anyway. I'm not worried. Call me before you get out of the cab. I'll meet you downstairs."

"Okay, bye."

When she hung up, a Mercedes SUV stopped in front of her. The window by the passenger seat was rolled down. Niles Li was in the driver's seat. "Hi, Miss Nian, we meet again so soon. It's not easy to get a cab at this hour. Do you need a ride?"

Debbie looked at the back seat. Another man was sitting back there. After some consideration, she shook her head and replied stubbornly, "Thank you, but I'll take a cab."

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