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   Chapter 327 Did He Come Back For Me

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6529

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Carlos was surprised by her flirtatious manner. He turned beet red behind his ears. But it wasn't too long before his embarrassment turned to rage. "Wow, you're kind of a slut, aren't you, Miss Nian?"

Debbie didn't mind his insult. She dusted off the collar of his well-tailored suit and said, "That's not what you used to say. You told me you liked it when I flirted with you."

Then she straightened his tie intimately, running her fingers seductively along its length. "I've tied this for you ever since we were together. Where is the burgundy colored tie I bought you? You thought the color and pattern were too loud, and said it was more Damon's style. You wouldn't wear it. But I insisted. So you wore it a lot afterwards. So did you keep it?"

'Burgundy tie?' Of course he had one. He saw it every time he opened the walk-in closet of his manor... but he couldn't remember wearing it. Ever.

He got a weird feeling just then. He found himself liking this woman. She fit him like a comfortable sweater. But he just couldn't remember. He shot her a cold glance and warned, "Stay away from me!" He was going to be engaged to Stephanie. He shouldn't hang around strange women. Particularly one as forward as this one.

Debbie wasn't scared at all. She propped one hand against her chin and responded, "Normally, if a strange woman kissed you, she would have been dead by now. But I'm different. I'm your one true love, and we're meant to be together. But you've forgotten about me. But you haven't forgotten my kiss, right?"

"Shut up!" Carlos snapped. His face darkened.

But he knew what she said was true. When Stephanie had kissed him for the first time, he didn't pull away, but he didn't feel good afterwards.

However, when Debbie had kissed him a moment ago, he had never had such a wonderful kiss. She wasn't afraid, and she was aggressive. He found that intriguing, and it scared him. 'Damn her!

And damn me! She's been flirti


But since Carlos left, nothing else mattered. She shook her head dejectedly. "Thanks everyone. I'll manage." The young mother had been desperate for an excuse to leave the dinner earlier. Now she had a good one.

Debbie turned down everyone's offers of help and watched them make their way back into the hotel.

She took a deep breath and pulled out a pack of tissue from her purse to wipe the blood off her leg. Then she limped towards the roadside.

She winced at every step. The injured knee was a bright red, not only from the laceration, but also the bruise. She knew in a couple hours that color would be purple.

Some taxis passed her in the next few minutes, but all of them were full.

Just when Debbie was starting to get frustrated, a familiar car came into view.

Her eyes glittered with joy. 'I thought he left. Why is he here? Did he come back for me?'

She was so thrilled the pain was forgotten and she started to wave at the roaring Emperor.

The driver saw her. He slowed down the car and informed Carlos, "Mr. Huo, Miss Nian is here. She's waving at the car."

Carlos didn't respond. The driver wondered if he should stop the car. Unexpectedly, when she saw that the car wasn't stopping, Debbie stepped into the road, right in the path of the oncoming car.

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