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   Chapter 323 He Lives With His Girlfriend

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Updated: 2019-07-25 00:02

Three years ago, when Debbie left Y City, she sent Jared a text message, saying that she was going to start a new life, telling him not to go looking for her.

Jared rushed to the airport after he got the message. He thought maybe he could catch up to her, at the very least say a proper goodbye, but she was already gone.

Kasie, on the other hand, had almost moved on from the miserable pain of losing Emmett. She was way more conciliatory, and she knew what kind of dark pain a loss could cause, the desire for isolation. She held Debbie's hands and said, "I'm sorry, Deb. You were pregnant back then, and you suffered a lot. I wasn't there for you..."

Debbie shook her head and said in a choked voice, "It's me who should be apologizing. I'd been gone for three years, incommunicado..." She regretted having left her best friends behind. Even though she had to leave Y City, she shouldn't have given up on those who loved her most.

The three of them held each other and cried for a long time. Sebastian finally separated them, and offered, "Time to eat. Your aunt Lucinda slaved all day over the stove."

It turned out that Sasha had plans to move back to Y City after graduation and find a job.

Jared was now working in his family business—the Han Group. His father, Jasper, made him director of the company administration department, overseeing employees and implementing company directives laid out by the president. He also was involved in the hiring and firing process. All in all, he did well.

Kasie was a purchasing agent for Johnston.

According to the others, Dixon was still studying in America, going for his PhD. He had only come back to Y City twice in the past three years, and he was able to talk to them on WeChat.

Speaking of Carlos, Sebastian told Debbie, "James lied to you. Carlos is still alive."

While Carlos was still in a coma, James took over ZL Group and usurped his place in the company and in Y City.

Jared nodded and echoed, "I haven't talked to Damon once in the past three years. You know what? He grabbed Megan and brought her back from A Country."

Since news of Debbie's scandals reached his ears, Damon swore he'd kill Debbie for Carlos' sake. Jared stopped him and they'd actually c

felt as if someone had ripped out her soul.

"I won't give up no matter what. I was forced to sign those papers three years ago. I must win Carlos back now, whatever the cost," she said firmly.

Jared didn't know what to say to make her feel better. So he just said, "Good luck. Call Mr. Lu if you need something."

"He knew I was back?"

"Uh... Slip of the tongue." Jared scratched his head and smiled awkwardly.

Actually, it was Curtis who dragged it out of him.

Debbie swallowed and asked, "Does he hate me, too?"

"Don't worry, Tomboy. Mr. Lu is on your side. But he and Carlos fell out over something. Haven't hung out for a while. If you want, you can discuss your next steps with Mr. Lu."

"Okay. Thanks, Jared."

"Come on! We're friends. Don't thank me! I do what I do because I care about you," Jared complained from the other end of the line.

Debbie giggled and felt much relieved. "Sorry, man. It's my fault. Won't happen again."

"Uh-huh. Sure. Just don't take it for granted."

Debbie sighed helplessly. "Fine, fine. Well, I'm going to let you go. I'm off to look for my love."

"I think he still loves you. He just lost all his memories. You need to remind him of the good times. Go for it! I have faith in you."

"Jared, you just made my day! Bye!"


After hanging up on Jared, Debbie opened her app drawer, searched for the Champs Bay Apartments on Google Maps and drove there using the directions provided by the recently unblocked app.

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