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   Chapter 322 He Had Me Fooled

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Ivan was nothing if not efficient. By lunchtime, Debbie got the phone call she was expecting. Irene was playing with Piggy in the bedroom.

"Hi, Ivan," Debbie said, as she plugged her earbuds into the phone. It was so much easier to talk hands free.

"Debbie, I've had my people looking into Carlos Huo. But they didn't find much," he said. Someone made Carlos' private life even more private, deliberately hiding him from public life.

Debbie walked out onto the balcony and sat into the hammock she loved. The view was gorgeous. "What did they find?"

"Three years ago, he had an accident. No one knew if he was dead or alive for quite some time. His father, James, used this as a power grab, and took control of ZL Group. He's now the CEO. After several months in a coma, Carlos woke up. He had been in a bad way before that, having several injuries including a broken leg. They set that, so it healed nominally well. But thanks to a brain injury, he also had amnesia. Doubtless some of his recovery involved physical therapy. He's now a general manager in the headquarters of ZL Group. His personal life we know even less about. All we know is he's set to get engaged to the daughter of the Li family. They've known each other since childhood."

'He lost all his memories? And he's going to get engaged to Miss Li? The hot woman standing next to him last night must have been Stephanie Li, ' Debbie thought.

'So she's the one James was talking about. Angry with me because Carlos wouldn't give her the time of day. James' dream has finally come true.'

Debbie clenched her fists. 'James Huo, you're a fucking liar!'

"Debbie... is Carlos...Piggy's father?" Ivan asked tentatively. Actually, he knew the answer before Debbie confirmed it. But he needed to hear it from her.

The man always kept up with the latest entertainment news. So when the scandals were being reported on, he knew that Debbie was Carlos' wife. Or, in this case, ex-wife.

She never mentioned Carlos or Piggy's father to Ivan and Irene. They didn't ask her about him, either. There was no point in opening old wounds.

"Yes," Debbie answered honestly.

Ivan paused for a long while and then said, "Running away won't fix the problem. Whatever you do, we're here for you."

"Not my plan. It's just that I never thought that Carlos' death was a lie." The fact th

ad some making up to do.

Lucinda wiped her tears and took the gift bags Debbie had brought. After putting them in a corner, she told a housemaid, "Make a cup of tea and bring some fruits and snacks."

"Yes, Mrs. Mu." The maid left for the kitchen.

Gail cast a sideways glance at Debbie. Though Debbie was very different from how she used to be, Gail still hated her. "You know my mom always cries because of you?"

Debbie felt really guilty.

Lucinda patted Gail's hand and said, "Call your dad and ask him to come home early."

"Are you kidding? It's her fault the company is doing so badly. She's bad luck." Gail was telling the truth. Because of Debbie's scandals, many of Sebastian's business partners severed ties and canceled contracts. In just six months, he had to shut a few branches down.

Debbie's heart broke when she heard the news. "Aunt Lucinda, I'm really sorry..." She never thought her scandals would affect anyone else. She made a mental note, 'That's one more thing you owe me for, James.'

Lucinda shook her head as she grabbed Debbie's hands and comforted her, "Don't listen to Gail. Your uncle Sebastian would never blame you. Don't worry. We're just glad you're safe and sound. I'll call him myself."

Sebastian got off work early that day, and as a surprise, brought Jared and Kasie with him.

They hadn't seen each other for three years. Even Jared blubbered like a baby. He complained, "I would have come there looking for you if you hadn't told us not to. You are such a bitch! You don't care about anyone except yourself."

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