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   Chapter 320 Running The Gauntlet

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 6650

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When Debbie arrived at the offices of Sunjoy Group, she was blocked by the guards at the entrance. In an anxious voice, she asked, "Is Carlos Huo here?"

One of the guards said in a serious tone, "Lady, I can't tell you that. If you don't have an appointment, you need to leave."

Debbie bit her lower lip and began racking her brains to find a way inside. That was when she saw a familiar car. It was the car that Carlos had gotten into. She was sure of it!

Thrilled, she ran full tilt towards the parking lot and only stopped when, breathless, she reached the car.

She knocked on the driver's side window. As the window rolled down with the customary faint electrical buzz, she saw a strange man sitting there. He gave her a confused look.

Taking a deep breath and trying to stop her heart from bursting through her chest, Debbie asked, "Hi. Is this Carlos Huo's car?"

Disdain was written all over his face as he answered her, "Buzz off. To get to Mr. Huo you'll have to go through me. And that ain't happening. But I like you. So I'll tell you straight. See those cars out there?" He pointed to the cars nearby. "Each of those cars is full of bodyguards. And them? They don't like anyone."

Although he didn't answer her question, the answer was quite obvious. Carlos was here. Debbie was so excited that her eyes went red. Ignoring his implied threat, she continued pestering him. "So he's not dead?"

Annoyed, the driver nudged her backward and snapped, "Are you nuts? Where did you hear that? God! So pretty and so dumb!"

"He... he was in a car accident a few years ago, right?" She was dying to learn more about Carlos, if this was indeed her husband. She wasn't even angry with the driver who pushed her. She held on to the car door to steady herself.

The driver opened the door, trying to make her lose her balance. "Will you just go away? Yeah, he was in an accident. He got better. I thought you liked Mr. Huo. Why are you bringing up all this bad stuff? Loo

mline in hand, Debbie stood close to the gates, panting.

As the group came closer, her heart skipped a beat.

In the bright light, she caught sight of the man in the middle.

She fixed her eyes on him. The man was listening to a manager's report, his face solemn. He betrayed no emotion, and didn't even seem to notice her. As far as he was concerned, his men were just throwing out a nosy reporter.

He was so dazzling at dusk. 'It's Carlos! My husband, my love...'

Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

"Carlos Huo!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Ignoring everyone's curious eyes, she ran full tilt towards him as fast as she could.

Carlos, who was bidding goodbye to the other businessmen, heard someone call his name and turned by instinct to look who it was.

He was stunned.

In the starlight, a woman in a red dress ran towards him, barefoot, hands holding the hemline. Her long hair danced in the air.

She had some light make-up on her face; her plump lips wore bright red lipstick. Tears sparkled in her eyes.

Debbie stopped in front of Carlos, gasping for air. Her heart ached as his eyes were so cold.

He looked at her as if looking at a stranger.

Despite the confusion in her heart, she was overwhelmed by emotion and threw herself into his arms excitedly.

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