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   Chapter 318 Evelyn Nian

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Fortunately, Debbie was not alone in Z Country. She had a pretty good support system, and two people in particular were there to help her out.

With their help and her natural talent, she finally climbed her way to the top of Z Country's music scene.

Her meteoric rise was in part due to Ivan Wen, who owned a record company. It took some time, money, and serious energy to quash all the scandals that had followed Debbie from her home city here. But he and his sister persevered, and won out in the end.

From the start, Ivan Wen was not that willing to help Debbie out. They weren't friends, and he didn't see any reason to take a chance on this girl he'd only heard bad things about.

But Irene Wen, a lovely girl who also loved music very much just like Debbie, managed to convince her brother to help her.

Ivan Wen always spoiled his sister, so naturally he caved. But he noticed something. Even in rehearsals, Debbie had this angelic voice. He was moved by her siren song. He also knew he probably had a hit-maker on his hands. So he poured himself into his work, cranking out positive publicity to bury the negative PR. As time went by, he and Debbie became quite good friends.

When Debbie first saw Irene Wen, she hated her because she reminded her of Megan.

Irene Wen wasn't Megan, but there were quite a few things about her that brought Megan to mind, and Debbie wasn't about to get close to someone like that. She was young, like Megan, and had similar features. Not only that, she was bubbly and adorable. That alone gave Debbie pause—Megan was quite two-faced, and would stab you in the back while smiling sweetly the whole time.

However, the more time they spent together, the better Debbie got to know her. Irene Wen was indeed a pure, engaging girl, with no malice in her heart. It wasn't an act at all.

Megan gave off those same kinds of vibes as well, but if you weren't careful you'd fall for her act. The fact that she was lovely helped her deception. But she was anything but innocent; instead a brat, wheedling and whining to get what she wanted. And if that didn't work, she would hatch elaborate plots to get her way.

Once Debbie got past all that and saw into her heart, she warmed up to the girl. So Debbie, Irene Wen and Ivan Wen had become the closest of friends.

Debbie built a loyal fan base in time, and they knew she only operated in Z Country. She'd never go on any kind of international tour. Ivan Wen warned that it might affect her popularity, but she had sworn to leave Y City and never return. She had no intention of joining any kind of tour schedule that would make her come anywhere close.

Even so, many fans went on road trips and traveled quite a distance to hear her sing. She had a captivating stage presence, and no one who traveled to Z Country to see her in concert went home disappointed.

And Debbie's stat

ealized something. "Oh God. I'm sorry. Have you eaten?" She held up the container. "Wanna share?" she said, mouth still thick, having just swallowed a mouthful.

He wiped his hands with a wet napkin. "Nah. I already ate. Just eat."


After mother and daughter were finished, Ivan Wen went to see Piggy's attending doctor. The doctor said Piggy was quite well and her temperature had normalized. She needed a half-day observation and she could be released, providing everything went well. Ivan Wen told Debbie the news and left the hospital.

As soon as he left, Ruby rushed to the hospital. When she saw Piggy, she ran over to her, held her in her arms and coaxed, "Piggy honey, I'm so sorry. I woke up late. Are you better now?"

Piggy raised the toy in her hand. "Uh huh. Look, toy!"

Piggy was not as childish and carefree as other kids at her age. Maybe because Debbie was serious and driven.

Evelyn seldom laughed. When she was around strangers, she didn't laugh, nor did she speak. People joked that she was an ice princess.

But when she was around family and friends, she was still a cute and innocent girl.

Debbie had once wondered if Piggy had a split personality. It was normal for an adult to be quiet around strangers. But Piggy was just a 2-year-old kid.

Debbie had once taken Piggy to the hospital to have her checked out. The results showed that she was very healthy. Mental illness was difficult to diagnose in an infant, but other than her silence around strangers, she was normal in every respect.

Debbie thought maybe Piggy was like her and Carlos. She was cheerful and bubbly around family and friends just like Debbie. And she was quiet and withdrawn around strangers... just like her father.

Ruby pinched her little face and said, "Good girl. Keep playing with your toy. Your mom and I have to talk about work."

Piggy nodded and went back to playing by herself.

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