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   Chapter 317 Her Daughter

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 9588

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Three years later

At the national stadium of Z Country

Over ten thousand fans were excitedly waiting for one of the artistes for the night curtain to raise. All seats were occupied.

At 8:00 p.m., the concert began. To the ecstatic screams of fans, a young woman in a long denim dress slowly took the stage. A soft and slow melody rang. She began to sing, "You promised, you'd love me till the end of the world.

But dear, you broke your word.

In my memory, I see your eyes, on that winter night.

In them, I feel your love for me, as deep as the sea..."

Her voice was full of emotions, easily striking a chord in everyone's heart.

Wherever she went, her performances would leave a lot of fans in tears, pouring their feelings out.

Most of her original compositions were deeply emotive songs.

Only when she covered some songs from other singers, would she throw in something different and lively.

"Oh! Debbie Nian! Debbie Nian! I love you..."

"You sing so well. My heart is melting. Debbie, I love you forever!"

The crazy fans began to shout out their love for the singer.

Among these ten thousand fans, more than half of them were already her loyal fans. Debbie made her debut as a singer slightly more than one year ago. But in such a short time, she had turned into quite a sensation, winning the hearts of many fervent fans.

Sitting in front of the black piano, Debbie adjusted her mic, slid her fingers on the keyboard, and continued singing, with perfectly controlled breathing.

"Time flies. Baby, have you seen me in your dreams?

Have you smiled without me?

You never knew, without you, my world is a barren field.

The endless rain outside is my pool of tears.

In lovesickness, I'm drowning."

By the time she was done with the first song, amid the shouts and screams of admiration, tears freely rolled down the fans' faces in equal measure. Some cried for the love and admiration of their superstar. Some cried because they could relate to her music in a personal way.

To acknowledge their immense support, she raised her hands in appreciation and blew a kiss. She then resumed her seat, wiped a tear from the corner of her right eye and took the microphone. She said to the large crowd of fans in a chirpy voice, "Friends, I'm blown away by your love and support. Thank you all for the connection we share. Thanks for the passion you guys have lent to the night and atmosphere you've created too.

As a token of my appreciation, I want to dedicate the next song to you. It's a song by a good friend of mine. But I've tweaked it into a special cover, just for you. It's Irene Wen's short, sweet song—Milk and Pineapple. Let me hear some noise..." She called out cheerily, firing up the crowd to a frenzy. With crazy energy, the tempo picked up to the accompaniment of wild screams. Some were singing alo

ou'd find a job?"

"Who says you can't withdraw the money from a fixed deposit? Just forfeit some interest. Or you can ask your man for money! Go for him now!"

Debbie closed her eyes in anger. She kept her voice down and patiently explained, "I've told you many times. Ivan is not my man. We're just friends..."

"No more nonsense. Give me the money now. I am not asking for much. Just thirty thousand dollars!"

Three years ago, when Debbie learned that her biological brother, Decker Lu, was living in Z Country, she chose to move here. Mistakenly, she had thought that he was someone she could rely on.

But... It turned out that Decker Lu was only an idler who never had a proper job to do.

At the beginning, Decker Lu didn't believe that Debbie was his sister. But then he had no choice but to accept it when Debbie showed him a DNA test report.

Debbie had believed that Decker Lu would change his attitude to her after she proved herself to be his biological sister. But nothing changed. He was ever rude and even began to demand money from her. He never treated her as his sister.

"Okay, I will give you thirty thousand dollars. One last time! If you don't find a job after this, I won't give you one more penny!" Debbie scolded.

Decker Lu snapped, "You're a pop star. Money is rolling in every day. You are just too mean on me!"

"Yeah. I've earned some this year. But I have to raise Piggy, and my house loan hasn't been paid off yet." After recovering from the childbirth, Debbie had released her debuted album. In a short time, the songs had received wide acclaim and propelled her to fame, in addition to fetching bucks.

But then, ghosts from her past resurfaced to haunt her. Rumors about her scandals—her divorce to Carlos and how she had run away with another man started spreading like a bush fire. It hadn't been easy for her to find a job or regular gig for her music.

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