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   Chapter 315 Screamed For Help

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"Ever since I learnt of Mr. Huo's accident, I've met Curtis only once. He has been busy with the investigation together with Colonel Li. What about your brother? Have you heard any news from him?" Gregory asked, looking hopefully at Jared.

"My brother has been up and down with the investigation too. But Mr. Huo's old man appears determined to keep everyone at arm's length. Generally, the senior Huo has always been discreet with his family business, but after the accident, he's been almost paranoid about it. As such, my brother has not bothered much about the Huos. Instead, he's focused on helping out Emmett's parents. They are more accessible, together with their whole family.

Coping with the loss of their son has been hard on their end. Shortly after she received news of Emmett's death, the old lady was hospitalized and up to now, she still remains in critical condition. It's been a full plate for my brother," explained Jared at length. Then the two man dropped into silence.

After catching up on what happened to Debbie, Kristina choked with sobs. "I'm so sorry Tomboy. You'll be alright!" she consoled. "Mr. Huo would hope to see you better than this. He must want you to live on, especially now that you have a baby. Cheer up, please!"

However, Debbie didn't respond. Apparently, she was so locked up in her own world, withdrawn and cold. The usual spark of life in her beautiful big eyes was not there anymore.

Hoping to offer comfort, Gregory walked up to her and patted her gently on the shoulder. "Debbie, you have to take it easy. That's a part of life, but we are here by your side through this difficult time."

Then they took Debbie to her favorite shopping mall—the Shining International Plaza. Pretending a playful look, Jared pointed at the huge mall and lightheartedly nudged her. "Come on, Tomboy. Didn't you want me to buy you lipsticks before? Today, I'll buy them for you. Just pick up whatever you want, and I'll pay for them. I won't give a damn even if you want the whole mall! Lately, I've been in the chips, thanks to my dad's excitement about my girlfriend. The old man has never been this generous to anyone before, I swear!"

The first time when they ran into Carlos at the plaza, Debbie deliberately kept bugging Jared to buy her the lipsticks. Just on purpose, she wanted Carlos to misunderstand her. But in the end, when Jared agreed to pay, she stopped him, pretending to have changed her mind.

"Lipsticks..." Debbie now teased, blinking fast to feign surprise. Silently, as she reflected back on the encounter at the plaza, she cursed that day. Not sure why Jared had mentioned it, she took a deep breath and pursed her lips, a blank look on her face.

When Kristina noticed Jared's goof, she pulled at his collar and chided, "Good grief, did you have to say that?"

Embarrassed that he had mentioned something that reminded Debbie of Carlos, Jared genuinely apologized. Then he signaled to Gregory with his eyes, to carry on with the conversation.

Getting the hint, Gregory smiled at the dazed woman and politely offered, "Debbie, your clothes don't fit you now. Let's go and see if there are some new stuff that you'd like. After shopping, I will take you to a seafood restaurant. I know you are a foodie. Their dishes are something quite out of this world..." With a smile, he paused and took a glance at Jared who was nodd

s, from the series of unlucky events, Debbie had lately been in a terrible mood. This was the last straw that broke the camel's back. In a fierce inferno, her anger erupted, hotter than any dragon has ever flamed. By now she was raining blows on poor Blanche with the mobile rack. Defenselessly, Blanche wiggled on the floor, screaming like a banshee for help.

However, all the saleswomen and customers in the shop simply looked on. They had seen Blanche start the fight. While she railed at Debbie with expletives, Debbie had tried her best to not to answer back. Even when she broke free, after the woman took her by the scruff, Debbie had stood a few meters away, without any intention of attacking. Had Blanche left it at that, the onlookers were sure, Debbie would have simply walked away.

What a mean, unreasonable woman for her age! Now as she wailed and pleaded for help, some onlookers just laughed it off. "That madam made her bed, now let her lie in it," remarked one of the saleswomen dismissively. The rich lady who had accompanied Blanche to do shopping wanted to intervene, but she knew better not to get involved. As she watched, flinching with every blow, she turned to Jared and Gregory with pleading eyes, but they ignored her, pretending to converse between themselves.

'How aloof have our young men become?' she wondered. 'What are they talking about when someone is on the floor and in need of help?' she threw her hands in frustration and cursed inwardly. At that moment Debbie relented her blows, panting like a horse from racing. Blanche still lay on the floor in a heap, her bruises swelling and her voice so hoarse from screaming. Flinching, she covered her head with her hands, afraid Debbie might land another blow. It took her a moment or so to realize that her assailant had stepped back. Timidly, she raised her head, feeling lost. She regretted her foolish move. Why had she attacked Debbie? She looked around in confusion; the boring eyes of the onlookers made her wish the earth could open up and swallow her. Debbie threw the rack to one side, pointed at Blanche and told one of the saleswomen, "Get that woman from the floor and let her compensate for all the damages before she leaves this place. It's all her fault."

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