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   Chapter 314 He's Going To Pick Me Up

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Debbie grew anxious. She was eager to throw herself into Carlos' arms. But no matter how fast she ran, she couldn't get the slightest bit closer to him. "Mr. Handsome... Old Man... Please... Don't go!" she screamed.

Her hysterical shrieks jarred Sasha awake. Sasha, freaked out, quickly turned on the bedside lamp.

In the light of the lamp, gloom all but banished, she saw Debbie sitting on the bed with outstretched arms. She looked like she was reaching for something she couldn't hold.

Sasha hugged Debbie and asked with concern, "You okay, Debbie? Debbie..."

Debbie broke free from Sasha's embrace. "I saw Carlos. He's going to pick me up."

Sasha was taken aback, heart racing fast. She looked around her bedroom in fear but found nothing suspicious. No ghosts. "Don't scare me. Was it a dream?"

'Dream...' The happy smile froze on Debbie's face. 'Dream...It was just a dream. Carlos isn't here...'

Snapping back to cruel reality, Debbie buried her face in her hands and curled up in a fetal position, weeping. Engulfed by sorrow, she felt like she was falling into an abyss of despair.

'Honey, I miss you...I miss you so much...'

In just a few days, sweeping change had come to Y City, especially when it came to ZL Group. What happened to Carlos was still a mystery to everyone. No one knew the whole story. Shortly, James was elected by the board members to be their new CEO.

Miranda finally contacted Debbie, but she only replied via Facebook Messenger. "I'm in New York now. James is handling Carlos' affairs. He wouldn't let anyone else do it. The branch company in New York is having problems, so I came back to take care of it," she wrote.

"I told you not to be nice to the Huos, especially James and Lewis! They're all assholes! But you didn't listen. You even begged Carlos to go easy on them. Too late now. The car accident is still being looked into. I'll update you when I can," she added.

Debbie texted back while crying. "I'm sorry... It's my fault. I can't do anything." 'I lost Carlos, and I couldn't protect our marriage...' she thought remorsefully.

She sent another message. "I'm sorry. Carlos died saving me. I'm really sorry..."


istina along, because strangely enough, she hadn't even tried to call Debbie.

The moment Kristina saw how vacant Debbie's eyes were and how weak she looked, she broke into tears.

She ran up to Debbie and hugged her tightly, rocking her back and forth. Debbie had to shift from foot to foot to keep from falling over. "Tomboy! I didn't mean to avoid you. I'm so sorry. I thought you were mad at me... blaming me for breaking up with Dixon... I just couldn't."

Debbie smiled without saying anything.

"You're so skinny! What the hell? I'm sure Mr. Huo will be fine..."

"No, he's dead."

Debbie's words shocked Kristina. She suddenly stopped crying and let Debbie out of her arms. She stared at Debbie in disbelief. "What?"

Debbie wiped the tears from Kristina's face. She finally spoke, but incoherently. "Emmett's gone. Carlos...died protecting me... Kristina, I'm pregnant, I need to be strong."

She paused and continued, "Tell me this is only a dream, a nightmare, please! Didn't Carlos want to bury me alive last time? I won't run away again. If I was buried alive then I'd die, so he wouldn't die protecting me...

Why is he dead while I'm still alive? I should be dead, not my Mr. Handsome..."

Debbie cried out loud, reflecting all the grief and sorrow in her heart.

Standing near the two girls, Jared and Gregory felt so sad that their eyes reddened and tears formed. Jared turned to Gregory and asked, "Mr. Lu know anything more?"

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