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   Chapter 313 I Had An Affair

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Debbie felt her blood boiling. Overwhelmed by white hot rage, she suddenly raised her clenched fist and rushed the man who had already taken off his shirt. She leaped into the air and kicked at him, using her momentum to plow into the thug. Caught off guard, the man lost his balance momentarily.

Seeing her start the battle, two other kidnappers instantly darted towards her, intending to take her down.

The bare-chested man lifted himself up from the ground. Massaging his aching arm, he cursed ferociously, "You bitch! Kick me, will ya? You're dead meat. Get her, boys!" As he finished speaking, he picked Sasha up, slinging her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He moved off to the side. Sasha wanted to cry out but her mouth had been taped.

The kidnappers were hired by James. They all were trained in various martial arts styles. But Debbie's main problem was that she was pregnant. She couldn't strain herself, so she couldn't attack at full strength.

In spite of that, she still was able to handle three of them. One of them rushed towards her, and she simply sidestepped. His momentum carried him right by her, and she struck under his chin with her palm as he passed. His head snapped back and he fell to the ground. Another of the thugs thought he'd fare better, and she trapped his arm and shoved him deftly into another kidnapper, and they both fell into a heap.

Realizing Debbie was better than they thought, they quickly pulled out knives from inside their clothes and pointed them at Debbie. She saw all sorts of knives: butterfly knives, wicked looking tea knives, and even some models she was unfamiliar with, though they definitely looked western in origin.

The glint of the sharp blades made her heart skip a beat. Meanwhile, she began to feel a dull pain in her belly. Worried about the safety of the baby, she didn't move a muscle.

The kidnappers sprinted towards her, knives in hand. Cornered, Debbie clenched her jaw and shouted at the man who was about to rape Sasha, "Wait!"

Each man stopped in his tracks, surrounding Debbie without attacking her. The bare-chested man had already taken off his trousers, and was getting ready to cut Sasha's clothing off. In an unhappy voice, he roared, "What now? If you won't sign that paper, then don't bug me!"

"I... I'll sign it..." Covering her aching belly and looking at Sasha's desperate eyes, Debbie surrendered. What else could she do?

She picked up the piece of paper from the ground. Tears sprang to her eyes as she read it in her mind again and again, until she couldn't bear to even look at it anymore. Gripping the paper tightly, she was unab

who was on the other end at first, but then he heard Curtis say Debbie's name.

'A new boyfriend? Debbie?' Wesley was shocked and angry, eyes burning with fury. Frowning, he walked up to Curtis and grabbed his phone from his hand. "Debbie Nian! What the hell are you doing? Carlos died of protecting you. But you divorced him no matter how much his dad begged you not to. You even aborted his kid. We haven't even buried him yet, but you have a new boyfriend already? You're nothing but a bitch!" Wesley snarled on the other end.

At first, he didn't believe any of the rumors. He knew how much Carlos loved her and spoiled her. Someone must have been spreading lies. He didn't believe Debbie was like that at all. But now, she admitted it herself, which disappointed him so much.

Curtis tried to shut Wesley down. "Wesley, it's not like that..."

On the other end, Debbie shut her eyes in anguish. A pang of sorrow grew in her heart. After a moment, she pushed her sorrow down, buried it, and said in a relaxed voice, "Carlos is dead. Do you want me to be unhappy?"

Wesley's anger grew. He had dark fantasies of pointing a gun at Debbie!

Debbie just hung up. She couldn't lie to them anymore. Her tears would betray her if she kept doing it.

That night, Debbie went to spend the night at Lucinda's, just like she promised. She slept in the same bed as Sasha. Staring blankly out the window, Debbie didn't fall asleep until midnight.

Soon after she fell asleep, she thought she saw Carlos in the darkness. She grinned and said sweetly, "Mr. Handsome..."

Carlos smiled at her tenderly and reached out to caress her face.

"Mr. Handsome, I miss you so much..."

Carlos said nothing but just looked at her, eyes full with tenderness and love.

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