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   Chapter 309 I’m Sorry, Honey

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Debbie yelled desperately, "James Huo, you don't deserve to be a father! Oh, I forgot. You're not Carlos' father, are you? That's good. Because you're not worthy of the title."

James cared nothing for what she said. Once again, he held the divorce agreement in front of her. "Sign it, and you can see him."

Suddenly, there seemed to be a strange force surging inside her. A renewed sense of purpose, and a strong sense of self. She wrenched free from the bodyguards' arms and stalked toward James, who had a look of fear on his face. She snatched the divorce agreement, tore it into pieces and threw them in James' face. "You don't get a say in this. Not at all. Carlos and I are a couple. Now and forever! You can just drop dead!"

The scraps floated like snowflakes as they landed lightly on the floor.

Furious, James raised his hand and smacked Debbie hard.

Her face jerked aside because of the force, her head continuing in the direction of the slap. She felt a little dizzy for a moment. Slowly, she righted her head, turning to James. Her eyes turned dark and cold. "How many times is this now? This is the third time you hit me, right?"

James was frightened by her expression. "So what?"

Debbie sneered, "I only put up with you because you were Carlos' dad! But I can't even..."

With that, she aimed a roundhouse kick at his face. His head rocked, and blood flew. Before anybody else could do anything, she clenched her teeth and kicked his fat belly. He crumpled, moaning in pain, blood pouring from his mouth, pooling on the floor. Debbie was like a machine programmed to humiliate James. She pounced on the man, showering him with punch after punch. The bodyguards stirred themselves, but it was too late.

"Ah! Debbie!" Tabitha had been in a daze. When the two bodyguards rushed over to stop Debbie, she finally came to her senses. She screamed and attempted to pull Debbie off of James.

But before she could reach her, the bodyguards already had it handled. Debbie drew her arm back, ready for another strike, and one of the bodyguards had trapped her arm between his

insist we get a divorce? Carlos is dead. What's the point?" she asked.

James gave her a creepy smile. "You married into the family. You became one of us. Divorced, you're not."

'Psycho!' Debbie thought. She gritted her teeth, refusing to say anything else. James gave the doctors a look, and one of them picked up a syringe and filled it with some kind of clear fluid.

He pressed the plunger to clear the air from it, and it squirted a bit. The doctor then started walking towards her.

Terror took hold of her. "What do you want? Let me go!"

James said, "This is anesthetic. I'm too soft-hearted to let them do this without anesthetic. You should thank me."

"James Huo, you asshole! I'll kill you!"

Debbie tried to kick the doctor approaching her, but a few more came over and held her legs.

Cold fluid was injected into her veins. Debbie despaired.

"Okay. I'll sign." She had to compromise to keep her baby safe. Her and Carlos' baby.

The doctor withdrew the needle then, when the syringe was half-empty.

A tear left her eye and streamed down her face. 'I'm sorry, old man. I'm sorry, honey. I failed. I failed our marriage, ' she wept inside.

She dully took the pen the doctor handed her. Under James' gaze, she signed her name on the last page of the agreement.

The drug took effect very quickly. Everything began to melt away as soon as she signed her name.

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