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   Chapter 308 Sign This

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Debbie looked at the scene. Kasie was absolutely hysterical, and denying reality. Debbie held Kasie tightly and consoled her gently, "Don't cry, Kasie. Don't cry. Emmett wouldn't want to see you like this."

Hearing Emmett's name, Kasie suddenly pushed Debbie away and ran over to Emmett's body. She grabbed his cold hand and said hoarsely, "Emmett, wake up! Why did you lie to me? You don't want to marry me anymore, do you? Answer me! Answer me!" With the last phrase, she pounded her fist on the table he lay on.

Debbie walked over to her and put her hand around her shoulder. "Kasie, pull yourself together."

'Pull myself together? How?' Kasie gazed at the white sheet, under which lay the body of her one true love. Now cold, lifeless, an empty shell. "Emmett, you said you loved me. Then wake up. I'll marry someone else... Emmett... you lying sack of..." Her voice trailed off, a muffled sob obscuring the curse word that doubtless ended the phrase.

Her wails echoed through the morgue.

It broke Mia's heart to see Kasie crushed like this. She decided to take the initiative and lead Kasie out of there.

Before she left, Kasie hugged Debbie and cried for what seemed like forever.

When Debbie returned to the ICU, the Huos were already gathered there, including Frasier's son.

It was a sad day for everyone.

Wherever Debbie went, she could hear someone crying.

Valerie sobbed in Connie's arms. Tabitha was wiping her eyes. Miranda stood with her back to the rest, staring off into space with worried and melancholy eyes.

When he saw Debbie, James snorted loudly and cursed as he pointed at her. "What happened? Why is my son injured and Emmett dead, while you're safe and sound?"

Lucinda was shocked by James' attitude toward Debbie. 'What a dick! The way he treats Debbie is just awful, ' she thought. She pulled Debbie behind her to protect her. Then she struggled to keep an even tone as she said to James, "Debbie is pregnant. Yelling at her like this isn't good for the baby. It was an accident, and hardly her fault..."

"Zip it!" James interrupted

to the door, two stout bodyguards stepped in her way.

James' voice sounded from behind her, but this time his tone had changed. Hoarse from yelling, his voice sounded grim and creepy as if it were from hell. "Want to see my son?"

Debbie nodded.

"Then sign this. You can see him one last time,"

he said, handing a document to her.

Her heart tightened at the sight of its title—Divorce Agreement.

"No. I won't," she refused firmly. They just never stopped.

She didn't believe Carlos was dying. It had to be a trick James was pulling to break them up.

And that was when James pulled out another piece of paper. "Look carefully. A DNR notice. The doctor told me they'd done everything they could. They turned off Carlos' oxygen. You can see it for yourself."

One of the bodyguards moved aside so that Debbie could see. Carlos lay in bed, motionless. The oxygen mask he had been wearing the day before had been removed, just as James claimed.

"No! This can't be true! I don't believe you! Let me see him!" Debbie shouted. Then she dropped into a fighting stance, and prepared to leg sweep one of the bodyguards.

James spoke indifferently. "I'd be more careful, if I were you. The baby? You might miscarry."

Debbie hesitated when she heard that. Just then, the bodyguards grabbed her. She couldn't move at all. She struggled, but in vain. The men were too strong.

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