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   Chapter 305 Broke Up With Dixon

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Then Elroy sauntered over to Carlos' table. This was the first time he and Debbie had seen each other face to face. Slippery as an eel, he remained composed when he stood in front of Debbie, as if he were simply looking at a stranger. He even raised his glass and toasted her and Carlos cheerfully.

Debbie, on the other hand, could barely maintain her composure. After congratulating Curtis and Colleen, she lowered her head and stared at the glass of juice in her hand to hide her feelings her face was about to betray. She remained silent, listening to them talk.

Carlos held her hand tightly.

Elroy noticed it and understood that Carlos was doing it not so much to reassure her, but to warn the older man not to think about harming Debbie.

On the way home from the hotel, Debbie had mixed feelings.

She was happy for Curtis and Colleen, but she was still sad about her own life story.

Carlos took her in his arms and kissed her forehead. "Just sleep. When you wake up, maybe you can tackle all this fresh," he said.

She was tired, she couldn't deny that. She decided not to fight sleep. She nodded her assent and closed her eyes in his arms.

Tabitha flew out to Y City for Curtis' wedding. She stayed at East City Villa for two days and flew back to New York with news of Debbie's pregnancy.

When she told James, he decisively told her to tell no one else. Told her? No, he warned her.

James had to take hypertension meds three days in a row thanks to the anger caused by Debbie's pregnancy. The odd thing was, he said and did nothing about it.

Soon after the wedding, Megan paid the Zheng family a million for the injury. It was painful to her finances, but nothing compared to what Kasie had been through.

When Kasie discovered it was Megan who had run her over, she refused to settle.

But considering Megan was just a little girl and she was related to Carlos and Wesley, Mason decided at the last not to be so cruel. She was only sentenced to 15 days detention.

Carlos had decided to send her to A Country when she got out of lockup, and she was banned from coming back to Y City unless it was vitally important.

After the wedding, Curtis and Colleen enjoyed their honeymoon. They traveled to Guilin to take in the amazing views, and stayed at a sumptuous bed and breakfast

er two were drawn into it by her question. "What is it?" Debbie queried.

Kristina poured herself another glass of beer and told them in a low voice, "Dixon and I... we broke up."

Everyone was stunned. Dixon had just left. Kasie asked, "Why? Did he do something? Tell us. If he did, I'll fly to the U.S. when I'm better, and kick his ass."

Kristina shook her head dejectedly. "No, he was good to me. But it just didn't feel right. We just drifted apart. No biggie."

After dinner, Emmett drove Carlos to the place where Debbie was waiting. Kasie climbed into the passenger seat.

Since her place was closest to the restaurant, they dropped her off first.

But Emmett had to drive Debbie and Carlos home, and so having to drop her off first was sad for him. Kasie didn't let him go until he promised he would take her out for a meal the next day.

When he was back in the car, Debbie lay in Carlos' arms, teasing their driver. "When are you going to marry Kasie, anyway?"

Emmett laid it all out for her, "When this semester is over. If it ended today, I'd propose to her tomorrow."

Debbie was happy to hear that. "Good. Treat her right. Or I'll ask your boss to exile you to D Country. I hear gay marriage is legal there, and I'm sure you'll find the right guy."

"You have nothing to worry about, Mrs. Huo. I love Kasie with all my heart and soul."

"Ha ha..." Debbie laughed complacently.

Carlos played with her hair and said, "I can be his chaperone."

Emmett protested loudly, "You two are bullying me. Not cool."

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